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  1. Japan Avoids Iraq For Now
  2. Al-Qaeda Threatens Japan If Troops Sent to Iraq
  3. How can you encourage a child?
  4. Shots fired near Japanese Embassy in Baghdad
  5. Akebono Concerned About K-1 Fight
  6. Crime map!!
  7. Toy maker Takara launches 'cat translator'
  8. Anabuki-chan
  9. Wacko Jacko shows his soft spot for Japanese juveniles
  10. Two Japanese killed in Iraq near Tikrit
  11. Japan's Maglev Train Sets Speed Record
  12. Abducted woman crashes car to thwart hijacker
  13. Kakutogi Gyms in Tokyo
  14. Get ready for *possible* sucide bombing in Tokyo subway.
  15. Samurai drama airs 1,000 times but plot thins
  16. Job for six sigma black belt in Tokyo?
  17. Akebono Gets SAPPED
  18. Kushami fetish.
  19. Chinese MA shop in Greater Tokyo area
  20. OH! Mikey
  21. Priceless samurai sword collection stolen
  22. Ancient art helps Japan shooters aim for future
  23. Toilet paper back in Tokyo subway
  24. The "myth" of the sword in...
  25. Japanese manga ruled obscene
  26. Japanese TV hits rock bottom
  27. IGA SECT--Where the ninja learned their secrets
  28. Mro
  29. Martial arts on Japanese TV
  30. UNIVERSITY student chooses kimono as his everyday attire
  31. Where is my change?
  32. First Japanese troops arrive in Iraq
  33. Kurosawa's son sues NHK for plagiarizing 'Seven Samurai'
  34. Toyota Motor Corp. surpassed Ford Motor Co
  35. Japanese hermit starts afresh
  36. Kazuhito Tadano - gay porn video was a mistake
  37. Kids benefit from wearing traditional straw sandals
  38. February 15th (Sun): Kobudo enbu at the Nippon Budokan
  39. The REAL Last Samurai
  40. Women To Rescue Sunken Samurai Souls
  41. China confirms Japanese sentenced to death for drug smuggling
  42. 80 Japanese Legislators Seek to Alter History Textbook
  43. The Dark Knight Meets The Last Samurai?
  44. Last known Japanese wolf said killed in 1910
  45. Godzilla, the END.
  46. Student plans to kill junior high bullies with samurai sword
  47. Japanese lose faith in myth of safe society
  48. Bird flu suicides in Japan
  49. Serial Killer reformed and released.
  50. St Paddy's
  51. Loanshark, junkshop owner, his dauthers and brothel
  52. Keitai
  53. No more second hand panties sale in Tokyo
  54. Reasons not to raise your kids in Japan...
  55. Bushido Boom
  56. Living In Japan
  57. Center Guys!
  58. Citizenship in Japan
  59. Japan gets tough on visa violators
  60. Budo supplies store in Tokyo?
  61. Upcoming seminar in Tokyo
  62. kobudo hakama
  63. Japan school kids to be tagged with RFID chips
  64. Japanese Cops... Helping secure the nation.
  65. Cameron Diaz Interview
  66. Japanese hate foreign workers
  67. Did I mention I'm Leaving?
  68. What's In A Name?
  69. foreigner crime UP 20% in Japan!
  70. Dan's 32nd birthday
  71. Japanís Production Up 8.9% Yr-to-Yr
  72. Japanese children shun the rising sun
  73. Shimonoseki
  74. Awards Ceremony
  75. Tokyo e-budo drinkies: October 2004
  76. Box cutters
  77. An interesting question
  78. Typhoon Songda in Kyushu
  79. Earthquakes and Tsunami in Mie...
  80. How has Kobe fared lately?
  81. Hi-Tech Kimono
  82. Wife of executed child killer says she wanted more time with him
  83. Poll finds growing crime concern
  84. Man admits killing four people over period of nine months
  85. Getting a seat on the UNSC will be tough
  86. Back to bases
  87. Stand-up parodies Japan's far right at packed venues
  88. visa/employment question
  89. Visiting next week.
  90. Rape of Nanjing comic publication suspended
  91. Typhoon Tokage Kills at Least 31 in Japan
  92. Japanese TV Show
  93. Clubs in Tokyo
  94. Japan's lost generation finds solace in suicide
  95. Child rescued four days after quake
  96. Japan's sins of the past
  97. Liberal Statements from a Conservative Institution
  98. Japanese hostage 'killed in Iraq'
  99. In pictures: Japanese matsuri
  100. Who's going to the Embu at MJ?
  101. AikiNews 30th Anniversary Demo
  102. awesome
  103. Don Roley's Burp and Bash November 23rd
  104. Schwarzenegger Plans Japan Trade Mission
  105. Mystery Sub Spotted in Japanese Waters
  106. Iris Chang found dead
  107. Japanese singletons turn to UK
  108. Princess to wed Tokyo civil servant
  109. Remains of kidnapped girl returned to Japan
  110. Women flee Tokyo train gropers
  111. Aping Dr Dolittle
  112. Oba-san riot at Winter Sonata star's public appearance
  113. Travels in the floating world
  114. Another Mass Suicide Suspected in Japan
  115. Defense Chief Indicates Japanese Troops
  116. Waiter, there's a hair in my shoyuu raamen!
  117. Japan signals end to China aid
  118. how is the economy faring in Japan?
  119. Wen calls for action on visits to Yasukuni
  120. Japan declares war on United States and Britain
  121. After 40 years American deserter takes his punishment and begins new life with family
  122. Three die in Japanese suicide
  123. U.S. to return Okinawa air traffic control in FY07
  124. Japan academic skills fall
  125. Tomb's hexagonal shape supports theories
  126. Nation's only whale bone bridge to be reconstructed
  127. JR wants fuel-cell trains operating by 2010
  128. Japanese Military (not an article)
  129. Europe and Japan in heated clash over fusion reactor
  130. Gross National Cool
  131. Wartime Chinese sex slaves lose compensation fight
  132. N Korea warns Japan on sanctions
  133. China hits at Japan over visa
  134. Japan plans to cut foreign aid budget for sixth year
  135. Quickies are out, True Love is in
  136. Nippon Budo Seminar
  137. Contract termination
  138. Funny JET blog
  139. Aikokushin
  140. Female Emperor...
  141. Exotic Foreign Husbands--Gaijin Daalin
  142. Monkey Man!
  143. Brazilian Sumo!
  144. China overtakes US in Japan trade
  145. Kurdish Asylum Seekers in Tokyo
  146. Debate on Article 9?
  147. yankees
  148. Sex traffic crackdown-imposing American morality, or just the right thing to do?
  149. Teacher stabbed in Osaka
  150. Traditional Metal-working art revived
  151. Japan/China squabble over islands, football, regional dominance, wu-tang clan, etc.
  152. PM to Police - TOUGHEN UP!
  153. More foreign workers in Japan
  154. Self
  155. Love comes to Middle-Aged Men
  156. Monk Torches Temple
  157. Judo in Iraq, sponsored by Japan!
  158. New holiday for Emperor?
  159. Well that's just rude...
  160. A better textbook? Tri-Nation history book
  161. Return to Farming?
  162. Japan's Defense: Don't rely solely on America
  163. "East is East"
  164. Japanese WWII soldiers found alive!
  165. Grief over stabbings...
  166. Moving from Japan to the US
  167. Little Black Sambo on bookshelves in Japan...
  168. Korea Loves Japan
  169. Return of Social Sec
  170. Deep and Profound
  171. Japanese Gyms.....rant
  172. Touch Screen Sushi
  173. Racist Gov. Ishihara at it again.....
  174. A "piss up" at the Hobgoblin in Roppongi
  175. JHS Boy Dies After Beating at Judo Camp
  176. and I thought I was the only one....
  177. Buying Guinea Pig food.....
  178. Ishihara makes a movie
  179. Re. Mr Haiyomi
  180. Chase's/yokosho/haiyomi's teachers
  181. Asahara to be evaluated
  182. A Former American Is Shocked At Deterioration In America Since Bush
  183. Kenseido
  184. NTT Researchers Develop Remote Control for Humans
  185. read mei on nakago?
  186. Mobile phones making monkeys out of Japanese
  187. Unexploded munition found in Tokyo
  188. [OT] Slow XBOX 360 sales in Japan create opportunity for e-budo folk there.
  189. Teacher calls schoolgirl unpatriotic after she says no to war
  190. Value of US base land in Japan enough to buy all of New York City
  191. Ninja experts to offer 'sneak preview' in Taiwan
  192. PRIDE 2005 Results-
  193. Toyota doesn't want to be #1 and Gov't considering forced vacation
  194. Cross-breed interaction in Japan
  195. With Respect . . . Sugawara news?
  196. 18th Annual Budo Piss up at the Budo University
  197. Mpegs of life in Japan
  198. Attention All Gaikokujin....NHK Fraud & Bias
  199. Former celebrity cannibal struggles for next meal
  200. Forum Rules
  201. War in Asia inevitable within the next 20 years?
  202. Festival of the Ninjas
  203. 'Karate kids' rescued after Japan mountain quest
  204. 8,000 Marines to move from Okinawa to Guam; Japan pays 59%
  205. New "Thought Crime" Legislation Slated for Passage
  206. Return of Boomtime to Tokyo?
  207. All you gaijin are gonna be fingerprinted and photographed!!
  208. Nagano in June
  209. Diaries Add Hirohito to Yasukuni Debate
  210. Japan's Abe seeks to revise constitution
  211. It's a boy!
  212. Of interest to judoists, perhaps
  213. Partial opening of royal tombs
  214. Age of Japan's WWII "Draftees"
  215. Japanese mayor killed by mobster
  216. Suicidal Japan ?
  217. Life in a goldfish bowl
  218. Mount Fuji
  219. The most dreaded word...(not ninja)...YAKUZA!!!
  220. Okinawa anger at textbook plans
  221. Japan Executes 3 Inmates
  222. Corruption in Japan
  223. Camp Fuji/Gotemba Area
  224. The Kameda Klan Klowns
  225. Ninja jido hanbaiki
  226. Nova Declares Bankruptcy
  227. Alarm Clock Grenade
  228. JOB: Japanese translator with Security experience needed (UK or USA)
  229. Col Tibbets (Enola Gay) passes away
  230. Compulsory Martial Arts Education In Japanese Middle Schools
  231. Japan might kill world's only white whale
  232. Japanese Government to Send Teachers to the Dojo
  233. "Buddhism forced to turn trendy to attract a new generation in Japan"
  234. Ninja Bar Tricks
  235. back in Tokyo
  236. US troops, families hit with indefinite curfew in Okinawa
  237. Ninja Gaiden II
  238. Mitsuzuka Takeshi Sensei
  239. Marine arrested at Okinawa airport after sword found in baggage
  240. Akihabara...And one more reason to stay clear..
  241. Censorship in Japan
  242. BBC Four - Hidden Japan
  243. Japan under pressure to clamp down on child pornography
  244. Google Earth maps out discrimination against burakumin caste in Japan
  245. Revealed: the bid to corner world's bluefin tuna market
  246. Finding eternal youth in Japan
  247. Osaka - the world's greatest food city
  248. Japanese turn to communists in downturn
  249. questions about the latest elections
  250. Investor alarm as Finance Minister blasts corporate Japan's ethics