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John Lindsey
25th July 2000, 15:32

At night, Taro secretly dreams of being a male stripper and of being the object of his fellow samurai's affection.

<i>Note to new e-budo members: the idea is to come up with a funny line for the picture.</i>

25th July 2000, 15:35
"Suprisingly, Smelly feet never caught on as a martial art."



Evan London
25th July 2000, 15:55
For the first time ever captured on wood block, a traditional Samurai Rite of Passage: Daito leg shaving!!
Ev :)

25th July 2000, 16:24
Just as Hiroshi begins his rendition of the cherry blossum dance, he remembers (too late!) that sukiyaki with tofu makes him break wind like a late summer typhoon.

25th July 2000, 17:20
Sensei Golden Blossum demonstrates the ancient art of distracting the enemy, prior to battle, to his deshi.

25th July 2000, 17:25
"AHEM...! All right! All right, Guys! I promise I'll wash my feet!"

25th July 2000, 17:33
"Does this outfit make my butt look big? How about my legs?"


"I'm telling you, this new kata REALLY helps you shape your thighs and calves. SEE?"

25th July 2000, 18:57
Yoshi demonstrates the Japanese Can-Can!

Matthew W. Luedke
25th July 2000, 21:20
Kyuzo takes center stage during his solo in "Gaijin and Dolls."

25th July 2000, 21:27
While taro is prepared to dance on the wood table the samurais they escape for stinks it of its feet!!!

Gian Piero Costabile

25th July 2000, 21:37
Despite many attempts to introduce the art, Japanese barefoot tap dancing never really gained much popularity during the feudal era.

Mark Brecht
25th July 2000, 22:42
AHHHHHHHHH, i see...

:D I always wondered what happens at a Genbukan Taikai...

26th July 2000, 01:16
"Come on, Guys!!..
It's MY birthday present, and I'll open it when I'm bloody well ready to! OK?!?"

Mitch Saret
26th July 2000, 05:30
The warlord looks to choose carefully, which of his loyal samurai gets to trim his toe nails.

26th July 2000, 08:16
Yes, I know it looks like a dance but this bald guy calls it aikido!

26th July 2000, 09:51
"Conclusive proof that without Lycra, Step Aerobics never caught on"


"And that's how you tie a reef knot with your toes"

26th July 2000, 14:21
The Discovery of Karaoke:
"Looove me tendeeer, looove me trueee..."

26th July 2000, 17:30
"Hear ye hear ye. I now call to order the first annual meeting of the Black Lizard Fighting Society. Our first order of business is to present our double-secret-high-and-mighty-ethereal-voodoo-dimmak-death-touch-silent-shuffle-dance. Second order of business will be the belt and title auction. Third will be the new **it list."

26th July 2000, 18:47
"Oni ki"

It exudes from the feet - of course - in the beginner - but is nonetheless effective.

I can't believe that I'm dignifying that with even second rate send-up.

26th July 2000, 19:53
"STOP!! We open this case of beer AFTER the mission!"

26th July 2000, 19:59
Guys, I need you to cut off my callouses, bunions, and corns because the podiatrist doesn't take my HMO!!!

Mike Collins
26th July 2000, 21:12
This is called flaming crane technique.

If done correctly, no can defense.

26th July 2000, 22:50
Karaoke (sp) night at the Sake Club.
"I'm a little tea pot short and stout,here is my handle,here is my spout!...

Son of Thunder
27th July 2000, 12:21

"I got no strings to hold me down..."

27th July 2000, 20:49
Soke Dr. Grandmaster Soto demonstrates the Soto dim muk aiki grippling crippling orifice burrowing gerbil technique from his devastating Atemi CobraJujitsu Te system.

Mike Collins
27th July 2000, 22:32
Okay BC, that's the winner. Close the thread now.

28th July 2000, 14:00
Sorry, I couldn't resist. I can't believe no one else beat me to it!

28th July 2000, 18:54
Don't show us more than that or we WILL chop of anything we see! This is disgusting!!!
Errrr... OK OK OK OK OK!!!! You're sexy all right, but pretty pretty pretty please, don't PROVE it!

Els 'Elf' Feyen
(Yep, dudes, MY girlfriend

3rd August 2000, 01:48
Ok guys, now that i've seen how big your swords really are ....;)

Meik Skoss
3rd August 2000, 09:46
Taro demonstrates why his nom de guerre is "Pika-Pika no Ashi Yubi" (Twinkletoes).

3rd August 2000, 16:25
akra soon lerns that one should never hire a stripper for a samurai birth day party ECSPECILY a male stripper...

3rd August 2000, 17:34
Takahashi: :eek: "EEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!! A MOUSE! A MOUSE!"

Samurai: :smash: "WHERE, WHERE, WE'LL GETT'EM!"