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Rob Alvelais
10th February 2002, 16:46
One of the people in my org is looking for a supplier for Eku (oar). Does anyone know of a good source?



22nd February 2002, 20:14
Crane Mountain weapons makes the (excellent quality) to order

bob elder
26th February 2002, 02:48
We sell an Iron wood one. East Coast MArtial Art Supplies in Orlando Fl. . Call 1(800)
407 1592 and ask for Karl. Mon thru Fri 10 to 6 and Sat. 10 to 5. Thanks! Bob Elder

13th May 2003, 17:46
Originally posted by gozanryu
Crane Mountain weapons makes the (excellent quality) to order

Depending on the wood you get, Crane Mountain may be a little slow in getting it to you. I put in an order for a moradillo eiku at the end of November of last year and received it yesterday (about a 6 month wait). Even given that -- the wait was worth it. They did a fantastic job.

Joseph Svinth
14th May 2003, 05:09
Kim Taylor makes eku that are 54, 60, or 66" in length. The wood he uses is hickory or North American white oak (your choice).


14th May 2003, 05:16
It's funny that you should mention this site -- a buddy of mine sent me a link to it today:


We've been looking for a supplier in the US for karate bogu gear and he seems to carry it. I shot off an e-mail earlier today and am waiting to hear word back.

Another place I've found and sent an e-mail to is:


Does anyone out there know of any other karate bogu gear suppliers? I know Shureido carries bogu, but I don't want to order something from overseas.


Joseph Svinth
14th May 2003, 05:28
Robert Stroud runs bogubag. I recommend him, too.

While e-mailing, another person to contact is Peter Boylan. His website is http://www.budogu.com . I don't see the equipment listed, but probably he knows where to get it.

sepai 85
20th May 2003, 00:58



a thousand times over they have the best stuff ever including eku

yours in shugyo

20th May 2003, 02:34
My instructor has a Shureido eiku. Another friend has Shureido tonfa. I'll take my Crane Mountain eiku and tonfa over Shureido any day of the week.

12th June 2003, 01:11
With 11 years of traditional kobudo training, I have used eku from three sources:

1. Shureido -- comes in one size (but not everyone is the same size, so be sensitive to the length). Readily available. 90 percent of the time excellent. About 10 percent of the time had a flaw (mine warped terribly and I have seen others with the eku tip unfinish -- flat cut at 45 degree angles, but not plained off). Bear in mind these problems were about 8 years ago, so quality control may have improved. Available through Ryukyu Imports, Orange, CA.

2. Crane Mountain Weapons -- beautifully done, reasonable price, can be customized, great number of wood selections. There is a waiting list for several months (varies by time of year), so you must be patient.

3. Okinawan Adventures produces eku also. Most reasonably priced -- I received three unfinished eku, trimmed to size for smaller students and was very satisfied with these.

12th June 2003, 18:11
Also check out:


Curt Fisher makes excellent kobudo equipment!