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18th February 2002, 14:50
I live in the San Fernando/Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles and I am currently looking for a Jujitsu school. Can anyone reccomend a school/instructor in the San Fernando Valley or Thousand Oaks/Agoura Hills area? Thank you in advance for your response.

Alan Thomas

19th February 2002, 08:37
That's my old neighborhood! If you had asked in the 1980s I could have given all sorts of names.

First, are you implying a modern style of ju-jitsu or a traditional ryuha of jujutsu?

You could sample the Encinco Judo Dojo. They are in Reseda, and Ventura (the town, not the street). I suggest getting in touch with Neil Ohlenkamp. He is also a member of the US jujitsu Federation and should be able to guide you from there, or call at the Reseda dojo and ask for Juergen Wahl. He founded Encino judo and while too ill to workout on the mat, he is still president. Neil is in Oxnard or Ventura. Juergen should still be in Encino, but the dojo is at the Reseda Rec. Center. At any rate, go to their web site, or you can get through a link from http://judoinfo.com .

Another name would be George Kirby. I have reservations about any 10-dan, but it's the only jujitsu dojo I am aware of today. It should be fairly easy to find someone. Kirby's jujitsu is an offshoot of Jack Seki, but he calls it "Budoshin." The only web site address I can think of for him is at http://budoshin.com . This may take you to the yudansha page, but at the bottom you will find the American Jujitsu Association and a bunch of links, all revolving around him. While he says you must be a member of the AJA at sonme point, he is also the chair of AJA. Still, I do have reservations so please don't take this as a recommendation, though you may like it. Different strokes.

He is in North Hollywood, I believe, as he is a teacher at Grant High School.

Worst case is, there are lots of dojo in the Valley, so try out a few, talk seriously with the instructor[s], and take, at least, two classes and talk with the students, too. There are some west of Woodland Hills, New Calabasas or Agoura, too.

Hope this helps, some.


19th February 2002, 08:42
BTW: Kirby's email is senseigk@budoshin.com.

Encino Judo is here: http://judoinfo.com/ejc.htm .


24th February 2002, 14:54
Sorry about the slow reply...I have been traveling. I guess I am looking for a traditional system that encompasses the full range of striking, throws, ground fighting, weapons (guns/knives/clubs), and maybe the healing arts. I am not as interested in arts that overly emphasis groundwork and/or the competition "sport" aspects of their system.

I have send an e-mail to Sensei Ohlenkamp. I believe that George Kirby is in Santa Clarita which isn't a long distance (20-25 miles)but in LA you measure by time versus distance. Do you know anything about Walt Lenoir of Ketsugo (http://www.americanjujitsuassociation.org/bod.htm) in Thousand Oaks?

Alan Thomas

24th February 2002, 16:00
I don't know how close Monrovia Ca. is to where you live. I know a Jujutsu teacher from there named Ken Penland. I have worked out with him maybe 5 or six times. He is a good technician and seems very passionate about the martial arts. I don't know much about his history, background ,rank or stuff like that. I just know he is good at putting the hurt on and he seems like a real nice guy. If Monrovia is close to where you live let me know and send you contact info for Ken Penland.

2nd February 2004, 20:10
In Santa Clarita try SCV Jujitsu. Sensei Kevin Colton 5th Dan. Danzan Ryu. Lots of adult black belts on hand.

26524 Golden Valley Road, #501
Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Greg Poretz

Robert Carver
2nd February 2004, 23:30
I have heard some very good things about Gil Adams. Several people I know have trained with him or are close friends. From everything I have heard, you cannot go wrong!

13th February 2004, 10:36
Hello All,
I am a student of Ken Penland. He is no longer in Monrovia CA. Now located in Hesperia CA. :cool: