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Nathan Scott
9th June 2001, 01:34
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20th February 2002, 21:16
Dear AJJ students, practitioners, teachers, hobbyists, scholars, historians and connoisseurs:

I realize the Aiki Expo isn't until May, but seeing as many people plan in advance for these types of things, I was wondering who plans on attending?

As you probably already know, Kondo Katsuyuki Sensei of the mainline school of DR will be conducting seminars over the weekend along with all the other fine teachers (and demonstrators - shameless plug here, but I for one don't want to miss Sensei Threadgill's demo [forgive me, Mr. Threadgill :) ]).

I will be attending, along with many others from our study group. Hopefully many of you will be attending as well, so I will finally get the chance to meet some of you with whom I have had so many argume- er. . .I mean DISCUSSIONS.

Anyway, I encourage all who are interested to attend.
(BTW, I will of course be posting this in the "Seminars" section as the time draws nearer)

Arman Partamian
Daito-ryu Study Group

Neil Yamamoto
20th February 2002, 21:48
I'm going to be there, mainly since most people I know and like are going and the party opportunities are too good to miss. I also understand there are some aiki- both do and jutsu- classes to take place. I guess I should plan on attending a few to justify the trip.

This should be a lot of fun, I get to go be a student in the day, hang with friends who are as strange as I am during the evening and watch other people get thumped around in the demos.


20th February 2002, 22:20
I’ll be there as well. It ought to be interesting figuring out who’s who. Neil’s in the “I’m with Stupid“ t-shirt and I’m the guy standing next to him.
So hard to get good help these days.:confused:

Joseph Svinth
21st February 2002, 14:21
Neil --

I think Fujiko Gardner is planning on going (remember that Vince lives near Vegas these days).

This means that you can be as bad as you dare.


Ron Tisdale
21st February 2002, 17:15
I will be there, and Mark Jacobsen [actually, thats Jakabcsin] as well I believe. Should be a high time indeed. Neil, are you bringing the popie chicken?

Ron Tisdale

Neil Yamamoto
21st February 2002, 19:36
Popie Chicken? Naw, I'll bring some Popeye's fried chicken and sit around watching everyone sweat while I pig out.

Joe, Since Fujiko-san is coming, I have to be on my best behavior. Bernie Lau will be there to distract her, maybe I'll be able to slip away and get in trouble with any other e-budoka around.

Nathan Scott
21st February 2002, 21:43
[Post deleted by user]

Neil Yamamoto
22nd February 2002, 04:03
If you guys are serious about a little, or not so little e-budo gathering, I would recommend we meet someplace close by the UNLV campus.

Closest places with bar are:

The Embassy Suites is close and lots of people are staying there.

The Hard Rock - Close by walking distance or cab about .5 miles , loud so we would not cause too much of a disturbance. Not overly large, so it would be cramped and it is noisy in there.

St Tropez - Also close by walking or cab, across from the Hard Rock. No casino but a bar.

Toby Threadgill's hotel room- we can raid the mini bar and run up a $2,000 room service tab. :D :p

Terrible's - Not as close distance, This is a low class place, known for attracting the worst sort of humanity and scum. A foul den of inequity and vileness.

Sounds like just the place.

Nathan Scott
22nd February 2002, 06:38
[Post deleted by user]

22nd February 2002, 14:21
I think an e-budo gathering to enjoy a cold beverage is a great idea. Anyplace near the seminar site is fine with me.

Arman Partamian
Daito-ryu Study Group

Nathan Scott
18th March 2002, 21:12
[Post deleted by user]

19th March 2002, 13:33

This is news to me, as well. I thought I checked the AJ website months ago and some instructors were listed as demonstrators. But you're right. Now on the website, they are not listed as participating in both demos and seminars.

Hmmm, well, I suppose Mr. Pranin may have thought that doing a demo and a weekend of seminars would be too much.

I would have liked to see quite a few of the instructors perform demos as well.

Arman Partamian
Daito-ryu Study Group

Dan Harden
19th March 2002, 14:50
I say hats off to Stan for pulling it together.
Part of me wants to go-although honestly I think I would be bored for most of the event. Seeng that much Aikido is not my idea of fun. There are a few people that might be interestng to watch. Meeting people, seeing them move, the parties and discussions after would be the greatest draw for me.
No way I can make it though.


19th March 2002, 22:53
FWIW- If you look at the "complete index to all seminar ...etc." , you'll find the instructors listed as demonstrators also.

The impression I get is that they are demonstrating.

Tom Wharton

19th March 2002, 22:59
Stan Pranin has announced:

Hiroshi Isoyama Sensei to undergo eye surgery

We just received word from Hiroshi Isoyama Sensei that he will have to
undergo cataract eye surgery in late April. Since his recovery period
wilevel be approximately one month, the operation will unfortunately
prevent Isoyama Sensei from participating in Aiki Expo 2002. He was kind
enough to write a few words to explain the situation and we reproduce his
letter here:

"To Stanley Pranin Sensei:

Thank you for your telephone call. Last week, based on my
ophthalmologist's diagnosis, it was determined that I must undergo an eye
operation. For this reason, it will not be possible for me to attend the
Aiki Expo in May. I am truly sorry and I ask your pardon.

I deeply regret that I will be unable to meet all of you who were
expecting me to participate. I offer my heartfelt apologies.

I would very much like to participate in this event in the future if the
opportunity presents itself.

Hiroshi Isoyama"

We know this will be a disappointment to many people and apologize for the
situation. We will definitely invite Isoyama Sensei to Aiki Expo 2003 if
his schedule permits.

Patrick Auge Sensei, 7th dan Yoseikan Aikido, to step in at Aiki Expo 2002

We have asked Patrick Auge Sensei, 7th dan Yoseikan Aikido, to substitute
at the Expo in Isoyama Sensei's absence as one of the ten featured seminar
instructors. Patrick is the senior Yoseikan Aikido instructor in North
America of the International Yoseikan Budo Federation. After a career as a
competitive judoka in his native France, Patrick lived for seven years as
an uchideshi of the famous Minoru Mochizuki Sensei in Shizuoka, Japan.
Mochizuki Sensei was a direct student of the originator of judo Jigoro
Kano and the aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba. Yoseikan Aikido is a genial
martial system that incorporates elements of aikido, judo, karate and

Patrick has taught in North America for some 25 years and has an extensive
network of dojos in Canada and the Los Angeles area. I have personally
known Patrick for nearly 20 years and I can vouch for his high-level
skills and a remarkable ability to create a tighty-knit organization of
senior students. I had the pleasure of traveling to Canada with him last
year and saw the Yoseikan Aikido organization first hand.

Neil Yamamoto
21st March 2002, 21:01
OK, check me on this and tell me if I'm just a whiner.

First, please no comments about how I don't appreciate Stan's efforts. I do - I signed up and paid up and talked several others into planning on attending.

But guys, look at the length of the demonstration list, there is no way you can have all those people demonstrate for more then a few minutes each. What's the point to that?

Second, if there is a demo, doesn't it make sense to have the "Big Dog's" that is, the higher ranked sensei, demonstrate? Sorry, but I can see lots of 5th dan demonstrate and teach locally. I have seen at least 1/3 or more of the demonstrators already as well at seminars. Ok so maybe other have not, but still I think the list is far to long to make it worthwhile. I go for the lesser quantity approach.

So, maybe I'm just bitching here, but is this seriously over done with the number of participants for the demonstration portion?

21st March 2002, 21:24
I think this could be a big problem. Others may be going for the training, but one of the major reasons I signed up was the demos of a wide variety of aiki related arts not just your run of the mill aikido. I don’t remember exactly how many were slated when I paid my money, but it wasn’t close to what we have now.

I am not interested in five minute demos.

I think a minimum of 10-15 minutes for demonstrators and more like 20-30 for headliners is what I was expecting.

Quality and depth over quantity.

I think Stan is in danger of losing the benefit of all of his hard work as people decide that this is just another same old same old aikido event.

Sorry if I sound a bit strident, but I’m kinda shocked by the notion that what I signed up for is not what I thought it was.

21st March 2002, 21:43
While I am not familiar with a large amount of demos, 5-10 minutes demo time seems like a long time to me. You can perform quite a few kata and techniques in 10 minutes.

I signed up for the training, mostly, but am also looking forward to the demos. I think the idea was for each demonstrator to "showcase" representative elements of their respective arts, not to provide an extensive presentation of each art.

30 minutes would be an awful long time for a single demonstration. 10 minutes seems ideal to me. Of course, I could be completely wrong. It's not like I've done any extensive demonstrations.

Arman Partamian
Daito-ryu Study Group

21st March 2002, 21:54

I can see where you are coming from, but.....

If all you have to show or say is 5 minuets worth of stuff then I’m not sure you should be demonstrating.

“Respective Arts” loses some of it’s meaning when it’s all aikido.

I was hoping the demonstrators would be given a chance to communicate something of value that they felt was important or instructive not just put on a pretty show.

Perhaps I am just off base and that not what the people want.

21st March 2002, 22:20

I think your exactly right. I am betting that the demonstrations go way over the time Stanley has alloted and someone is going to get left out. This probably won't be the only thing that goes wrong and by the time the Expo is over I bet Stanley ages 10 years in 3 days. All that aside I am still excited about this thing. Unlike Neil Yamamoto, I'm not up to my knee's in 5th Dans out here in East Texas so anything that is demonstrated at the Expo Demos will be a new experience for me.

I'm probably in the minority though since most of the people attending will come from larger metropolitan dojos.

Richard Elias
22nd March 2002, 00:33
FYI, I have been doing a little comunicating with Mr. Pranin and as I understand it the instructors will indeed be demonstrating.

22nd March 2002, 15:53

Well, perhaps they will end up going longer.

Also, many of the demonstrators are not aikido. There is Shindo ryu karate, Yoshin Shindo ryu jujutsu, Araki ryu, Yanagi ryu aikijujutsu and Daito ryu aikijujutsu (as Richard has indicated that the instructors will also be demonstrating).

There seems to be quiet an eclectic group represented.

Can't wait.:)

Arman Partamian
Daito-ryu Study Group

Dan Harden
23rd March 2002, 01:36

At five minutes each that adds up to what? 25 minutes of stuff OTHER than Aikido? And I've seen three of those "others" enough. And the classes offered will be gross overviews that are over-attended.

My idea of a really interesting "embu" sort of approach would have been cross comparisons of arts. There are enough people around who have cross trained who could demo- then discuss...
Takenouchi to Aikido
Araki Ryu to Aikido
True Kodokan Judo to Aikido
Yanagi ryu to Daito ryu
Daito ryu to Aikido
Koryu to gendai
Then DR or YR to modern combatives since there are some doing that as well.
Most of those going have proabably already seen and felt the techniques of the "big dogs" of Aikido till it was coming out their ears. You couldn't pay me to sit and watch most of the people demonstrating. I have better things to do with my time.

Overall, I chalk it up to just another "who's who" seminar event. It's the box of chocolates thing-bite of this- bite of that-none of which makes you a chef.
I wouldn't give a fig for the event itself. I would love to go for the people, the parties and the "behind the scenes-on the mat work" more than a week of the other stuff.

My loss


James Williams
1st April 2002, 03:46

You can come and see me. Big Tony, Toby, and you and I can have a group hug, might raise our consciousness. Al least I know that I will get my time cause I will have a very big sword with me.


Nathan Scott
2nd May 2002, 23:41
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8th May 2002, 04:49
Just wanted to say that I hope everyone who attended the Expo had a good time. I know I certainly did.

Nathan, it was nice meeting you. Those "bad budo" tapes were hilarious - where the hell did you find those? They're priceless. Hopefully next time we'll have more of a chance to talk.

Toby, thanks for the stories, man (and the serious discussions, of course). Look, you have my permission to include that entire sad episode of the destroyed film in a story (please?) [I don't know how Ted feels about it, but who cares?:) ]

Ellis, it was also nice meeting you too - again, next time I hope we have a chance to actually sit down and have a beer together.

Thanks to Stan and all the teachers and support staff that helped pull this thing off. It was truly a wonderful weekend and I am looking forward to the next event.


Arman Partamian
Daito ryu Study Group

8th May 2002, 16:58
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to tell everyone (who couldn't make it) how much fun Mr. Stan Pranin's Aiki Expo in Las Vegas was!!! The budo people present were fantastic. We saw some great demos from all aspects of aiki martial arts. A lot of differnt styles of Aikido were represented (even the nearly unknown Korindo; I'm glad I wasn't on the end of that hambo lol) and two great schools of Aikijujutsu. While I of course only went to see Kondo sensei, I saw some of the other teachers and they all looked great. It was also great to see friends I haven't seen in a long time and meet some of the characters I've only met in emails and here on E-budo. Good times baby good times!

My kenetic ai-ikki flows like the Wind. It flows like the breeze. It will immobilize.

James Williams
8th May 2002, 21:48

Those secret tapes are where all of the true knowledge comes from, they are definitely the warriors edge.


Nathan Scott
15th May 2002, 18:21
[Post deleted by user]

Nathan Scott
15th May 2002, 19:20
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Don Cunningham
15th May 2002, 22:02
So, I noticed you didn't mention me being there to sign my books. How come? :mad:

Although I am not a practicing aikidoka and don't even play one on television, I had a great time, too. To all the organizers, demonstrators, and session instructors: Well done!

The videos and the comments at Friday night's bad martial arts video bash were worth the trip by themselves. Neil Yamamoto has promised to post the MAN camp rules in their entirety. I am looking forward to it. I even got a few good chuckles seeing those uniforms with the lavender and gold dinnerplate-sized Juko-Kai patches. Where can I get one of those?

As a side note, I sold plenty of my books, although I wouldn't have minded if I didn't sell any. It was a really great time and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Mark Jakabcsin
16th May 2002, 06:18
"Neil Yamamoto has promised to post the MAN camp rules in their entirety. "

I heard there was going to be a t-shirt with the Man Camp rules! (Although I am not sure anyone remembers all of them and some of the best ones were created after midnight at the Hard Rock.)Plus I want Neil's special "KI' shirt, two perfect additions to my collection.

While I was at the Friday night video fest it appears that I missed many of the regular posters that were there. Sorry about that, the Crown and Coke plus Big Tony's search for large middle age women made me unaware of my surroundings. Shame on me.


Nathan Scott
16th May 2002, 18:05
[Post deleted by user]

Don Cunningham
16th May 2002, 20:03

Didn't I give you a CD-ROM with some MPEG files on it? These are video clips from the infamous Discovery channel features about Rod Sacharnoski and Combat Ki. There is also a great video interview of Rod from the early 1990s which I received from Tom Baldwin in the U.K. He filmed this in Dallas. The comments Rod makes about martial arts frauds and what should be done to them are priceless! Not to mention, very ironic considering the circumstances.

I couldn't get the MPEG files to work in the PowerPoint presentations after loading them onto the CD-ROM, but I included them for your viewing pleasure. All you need is some media player which can open MPEG files. Be sure there are no sharp desk edges around, though, or you might hurt yourself when you fall out of the chair laughing.

James Williams
16th May 2002, 21:15
Nathan and Don,

You guys are having entirely too much fun. Don't you know that this martial arts stuff is serious business? Obviously you have not felt the power of Ai Iki.


Nathan Scott
16th May 2002, 21:41
[Post deleted by user]

Richard Elias
16th May 2002, 22:20
I actually did buy the vcr just for the occasion. I figured I'd bring one 'cause we couldn't count on one being available.

I talked to the bartender, he said he thought the stuff on the TV was funny and if he wasn't so busy trying to keep up with all of us he would've liked to join us.

It is Vegas after all.

Neil Yamamoto
16th May 2002, 22:24
Slowly catching up on stuff, stay tuned for my review of aiki expo including the social aspects...

Ron Tisdale
17th May 2002, 18:08
Hi guys,

It was great getting to meet or see most of you...some I missed unfortunately. I can't believe I missed the videos...that must have been a killer!

Hey Don,

I couldn't get my pc's to even load the cdrom you gave me...no dice. Oh well, maybe I'll get to check it out another time.


Don Cunningham
17th May 2002, 19:41
I used the black CD-R since they are supposed to be mostly scratch-resistant. I find they work great in my PC or even my DVD players. (I also record VideoCDs on them.) Yet, my laptop at the office will not recognize the black CD-Rs.

Don't worry, I am going to post most of this stuff on a website dedicated to my ongoing legal issues from the slander and libel complaint filed by Rod Sacharnsoski. It should be really interesting, since I am introducing a lot of evidence gathered from all over. Much of this stuff hasn't been publically viewed before.

I will make new CD-ROMs available soon. I am mainly trying to figure out how to get these darn MPEG files to work in a PowerPoint presentation AFTER being burned on a CD.

I am also planning to show my martial arts flakes and frauds presentation at Kim Taylor's sword seminar this July at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. You can always come up there and we'll find someplace to do the "bad MA video" thing around there, too.

Neil Yamamoto
18th May 2002, 01:46
Here we see the gathering at Embassy Suites during the Man Camp Hall of Shame Video night. Note that harmony and love that is clearly shown by all who attended, obviously, the power of aiki has touched all of them.

Back left to right; Big Tony Alvarez, Rich Elias- peering over Tony's shoulder, Derek Steel, Neil Yamamoto, Mark Miller - House boy for the night to Angier sensei

Front left to right; Mark Jakabcsin, Don Angier

Passed out on the floor is Don Cunningham who did not realize the devastating effect Man Camp can have one someone. :D :o

Sorry Don, cheap shot but I couldn't pass it up, you were having too much fun that night.

Don Cunningham
18th May 2002, 13:23
I was not passed on the floor! That's me right behind Big Tony. Or maybe I was in line for another drink. :D

John Lindsey
18th May 2002, 13:33
Here is a pic:

18th May 2002, 21:52

What did I ever do to you !!!!

I mean, first the jock picture, and now this. If you want to get into a Photoshop duel I'll take the challenge.

Anyone out there with a picture of John Lindsey please forward it too me. I'll have him and a donkey doing ninjutsu!

Now thats a picture!

Yuk Yuk Yuk!


Aaron Fields
18th May 2002, 23:25

Are you taking some of the Yabe ryu secrets and not bathing or washing? Looks like you got some dirt on your cheeks........lol I look forward to seeing you buddy.

PS maybe Mr. Keen is right ju-jutsu just isn't as sophisticated as AIKIJUJUTSU…..

19th May 2002, 05:30
Hiya Aaron,

I'd love to see a little rumble between "the Sophisticate" and "the Mongolian" ...if you catch my drift....

Looking forward to seeing you in August. Thanks for the honor of using your nice dojo for the seminar.


You know...you can only tolerate a sharp blade near your skin for so long......Now if I could do something about that grey beard hair and my goofy looks. Yuk yuk yuk...

Don Cunningham
19th May 2002, 17:14

I admit it, I sent the digital pic to John, but he was supposed to put an "I love Juko-Kai" on the t-shirt. I'm not that good with Photoshop.


Love the "must be a jutte in my pants" tag line.

20th May 2002, 15:31
Hey you guys are missing the fact that Toby’s Babe Magnet works and has produced impressive results [see photo for evidence].

Doug “Plausible Deniability” Walker
[still no photographic evidence I was there]

Brently Keen
20th May 2002, 17:07
Yeah well, this sophisticated type has graduated to electric razors - it keeps the sharp edges safely away from my cheeks, and likewise keeps the "dirt" off the sides of my face and on the front where it belongs! :cool:

Even still, I must confess that neither my goatee or my aikijujutsu can compete with the apparent effectiveness Tob's magnet. If that is a jutte in there, I must say that's taking the whole body piercing thing to a whole new level. :eek:

Seriously, I'm glad you all seemed to have a great time at the expo - I wish I could've been there. Maybe next time.



Don Cunningham
20th May 2002, 18:37
Compare the photo of Toby above with this one from a recent Combat Ki seminar:


I knew it all along...

20th May 2002, 18:59
I knew it!!! That's why we had the Kombat Ki videos on movie night... Toby is a ninja for them!!! He must have been trained by Ron Duncan to kill a person and himself with one shot through the opponents stomach and his own head!!!

Kinetic Ki Power Baby!!!

Cady Goldfield
20th May 2002, 19:11
Originally posted by Don Cunningham
Compare the photo of Toby above with this one from a recent Combat Ki seminar:


I knew it all along...

So, you're telling me that all you guys did all weekend long is dope-slap each other? I suppose Tobs is as good (if not better) a target as anything. :laugh:

Neil Yamamoto
20th May 2002, 20:37
See, Doug SkyWalker was there. Here's a picture to prove it.

From left to right

Dennis Perkins- Icho ryu or is it 'Itchy and Scratchy ryu'?
Don Angier- Yanagi ryu or something like that...
Tony Alvarez - Shinto ryu and Toyama ryu, just barely visable and waving
Doug Walker - Two Rivers Aikido and American Kenjutsu :p
Joe Neal - Yanagi ryuster
Bernie Lau - Icho ryu
Tom Wharton Eugene Aiki kai - Tom suffers from photo dyslexia, where he looks away when told to look at the camera and smile.

Neil Yamamoto
20th May 2002, 20:42
Oops, forgot to attach the picture in the post!

20th May 2002, 20:51
I see, I see... you “claim” to have a photograph depicting these individuals at the expo, but cannot produce it. Hmmmm

These are not the droids you’re looking for!

And Neil there is no use denying that you taught me everything I know - Nihon Chunin Butori Ryu!

Toby, it occurs to me that there may be some sort of Grizzly Adams Hillbilly Colorado Mountain Manly Leather Daddy thing going on with that beard of yours. Getting close to Rule #1 and it is my duty under Rule #2 to make this know to you :p

20th May 2002, 20:53

Neil Yamamoto
21st May 2002, 00:51
Left to Right

Nathan Scott, John Lovato point things out to everyone, Doug Walker standing rear right. Notice Doug is only drinking water for some strange reason.

Sorry, I forget names on the others in attendance

21st May 2002, 07:16
BTW - It is not water, because the great one set me straight - “You know fish f*ck in that.”
So as any cultured soul will agree a gin and tonic is just the drink for a hot day in the midst of such a fetid and scurvy group as this.:D

Note the presence of Neil’s famous t-shirt. And that definitely IS a tessen in John’s pocket. Sorry ladies.:(

21st May 2002, 15:08

In the very back, from left to right, are Chris Covington, Brian Wagner, and myself. As you can see, we are enthralled and transfixed by the video ensemble put on by Nathan Scott. I swear I almost fainted from the power of ai-IKI demonstrated by GM Ron Duncan. I think I was almost in a state that can only be compared to the "Jedi Mind Trick."

Arman Partamian
Daito ryu Study Group

Don Cunningham
21st May 2002, 16:50
I still laugh when I think of John Lovato's South Park impression:

"You will respect my aiki!"

Cracks me up even now.

22nd May 2002, 01:36
Tom Wharton Eugene Aiki kai - Tom suffers from photo dyslexia, where he looks away when told to look at the camera and smile.

Actually, I was practising for mug shots. I thought a PC, lovey, aiki bunny like me would surely be arrested by the Crap...I mean Ki-Police for associating with such a bunch of thugs, hooligans and other members of the criminal element.
Or may be it was the beer.

Tom Wharton

22nd May 2002, 16:07

"for associating with such a bunch of thugs, hooligans and other members of the criminal element."

You got that right! It was like a regular "Bad Boys of aiki" meeting with an ocassional "koryu wanker" in attendence....... huh Ellis?. Very scary!



BTW....after receiving a spooky e-mail from Don Cunningham...No! That is not me at a Juko ryu seminar!

( At a public seminar with all those patches on my gi? Pleeeeease!!!!!!!! )

22nd May 2002, 17:20
Originally posted by Toby Threadgill
( At a public seminar with all those patches on my gi? Pleeeeease!!!!!!!! )

Yeah Toby doesn’t wear that stuff in public, but what he does in the privacy of his own home is nobody’s business. Especially when it is between consenting adults.:eek:

22nd May 2002, 21:13
That's right.
Toby would never break rule #3. not outside!

Richard Elias
22nd May 2002, 21:30
"Yeah Toby doesn’t wear that stuff in public"

BTW....after receiving a spooky e-mail from Don Cunningham...No! That is not me at a Juko ryu seminar!"

Yeah, the gi Toby has at home has WAY more patches on it...seriously.

22nd May 2002, 21:33

See that falls under rule #5.
In other words, see rule# 1.

James Williams
22nd May 2002, 21:44
Mr. Alavarez,

Since the rules of the forum require people to sign their real name. And since this forum is in Texas. And since the Reverend himself cristened you Mighty Big Tony while you are in Texas, I think that you should adhere to the rules.

With Sincere Respect.

Richard Elias
22nd May 2002, 21:44
No, really, it's true... his personal gi as a ton more patches on it. Really!

Would I lie?

22nd May 2002, 21:56
Actually it's Deacon Big Tony .

Get the title right or it might give me a complex.

Don Cunningham
22nd May 2002, 23:33

BTW....after receiving a spooky e-mail from Don Cunningham...
Okay, was it "spooky" just because it was from me or was it because of the uncanny way you look just like the idiot getting ready to be walloped in the throat at a recent Combat Ki seminar?

Maybe it's because we've uncovered your secret phobia about black gi tops with lots of patches...

Would the basis of your black gi top and patches fears have anything to do with, I don't know, say getting punched in the throat at a recent Combat Ki seminar? Just asking.

[Dueling banjo music in the background.]

"C'mon boy, hiss like a snake."

Richard Elias
22nd May 2002, 23:50
"Maybe it's because we've uncovered your secret phobia about black gi tops with lots of patches... "

It's not that he's afraid of them, it's that he HAS a black gi top with a lot more patches on it than the guy in the photo.
A lot more.


I'm serious.

Neil Yamamoto
23rd May 2002, 03:15
Here we see Rich Elias and John Lovato demonstrating a secret technique.

Though it appears they have broken rule #1 of man camp, this is not the case, they had a special dispensation from Rev Grady J. Lewis, founder and director of Man Camp in this instance.

The face of the uke has masked to protect his identity.

Neil Yamamoto
23rd May 2002, 03:17
Darn image didn't attach, one more try

23rd May 2002, 04:35
Hey! I’d recognize that er.. “pen” anywhere..... :kiss:

Below we see Don Angier enviously “inspecting” Toby’s personal Soke Smoking Jacket. Totally Stylin’!!!

Richard Elias
23rd May 2002, 07:09
That's the gi top I was talking about.
I told you it had way more patches.

Don Cunningham
23rd May 2002, 14:36
It is Toby! I knew it, I knew it! That's gotta be the same black gi top and patches. :D

Jamie Egan
23rd May 2002, 19:30
I was not able to get to the Aiki Expo.
I was wondering how much actual training was done. If I read the web sight right the whole thing lasted only about 12 hrs(?) Sounds like there were a lot of demos for such a short amount of time.
$250 seemes like a lot of cash to watch someone else train.
Could someone who was there please decribe how the sessions were devided?

Jamie Egan
Kaze Arashi Ryu

Nathan Scott
23rd May 2002, 20:06
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Richard Elias
23rd May 2002, 20:13
There were actually about 40 demonstrations all together, split between Friday and Saturday nights. The demonstrations and the classes are separate.

The ten headlining teachers each taught seven 1 hr. classes over the course three days. One each on Friday and three each on Sat.& Sun. The classes were set-up in such a manner that if you were attending all three days you would have an opportunity to get to train in all of the teacher's classes at least once, if not more.

There were also a couple of smaller classes held by various others instructors crammed in.

So there was quite alot of training to be had, with a variety of teachers.

Ron Tisdale
23rd May 2002, 20:54
The whole seminar was excellent. Sure, there were things that weren't my cup of tea, but that was just because there was so much diversity. I haven't heard anyone who was there say they wish they hadn't been there...

29th May 2002, 00:46
Hey Don,

You did notice that I'm not actually wearing that ugly damn "thing". Stan Pranin sure did enjoy laughing at it!

John (aka "the Rev" ) Lewis tried to smuggle that gi top to the Expo but I intercepted his most unsavory attempt. And new patches keep coming in for it from all over the place. Somebody even located a patch from a certain New York Ninja's dojo and forwarded it us for addition. Sheesh..and this from my own students......All the sweat on my brow...for what?

Is nothing sacred?

I feel so violated.

I mean....humiliated.

Yuk Yuk Yuk.

(The funniest patch of the bunch is the SWAT patch ( special weapons action team ) Ohhhhhh aaaahhhhhh!

Mac Dojo mania run rampant to a new low....ROFLOL!


4th June 2002, 06:22
I don't call you "THREAD GOD" for nothin tobi.
you've got more japanese cloths than I have dollars in the bank.

Joe neal
yanagi ryu hombu

Richard Elias
4th June 2002, 21:35
Joe Neal!

I was wondering when the @#$*&! you were going to post something.

Don Cunningham
5th June 2002, 15:08
I'm still waiting for the rules!