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the Khazar Kid
22nd February 2002, 17:46
Is this a traditional Japanese weapon taught in any Koryu styles? I have heard it consists of a hollow bamboo cane with a length of chain coiled inside.

Jesse Peters

23rd February 2002, 09:55
The weapon that you describe is called the Furozue or Shikomi Zue and is traditionally taught as part of the Ninpo traditions in the Genbukan, and Bujinkan Ryu..I do not believe that many of the Koryu arts would have had a need for a weapon like this and it is unlikely that you would get an answer here.
Try asking for information on the Ninpo forums and they will be able to help you out better...(I think Janty saw one being sold on E-Bay recently but I could be wrong!).
Other types of Cane/Zue that could be used included the 'Suzu-zue' or priests ring-topped staff but the Shikomi-Zue coul contain many different types of weapons in the hollowed out section..Including Arrows, spears, and Metsubishi for example.
The Ninpo forum will no doubt help you out better than I have here.

Steve Delaney
24th February 2002, 06:49

Steve Delaney
24th February 2002, 06:51
The word furizue is also another word for a chigiriki. A four foot polearm, with a length of chain and an iron weighted ball at the end.


the Khazar Kid
25th February 2002, 19:20

Is chigirikijutsu the same as gekiganjutsu, or do they refer to different weapons or techniques? In Burton's famous "Book of the Sword" there is a picture of a Japanese weapon consisting of two short weighted chains connected to the same end of a grip or short handle. Is this another type of chigiriki?

Jesse Peters

6th February 2009, 23:03

I am after an help with dimensions for a chigiriki.

I am mainly interested in the style that has the chain hidden in the metal tube atop the pole.

I need to know the length of the tube and also the length of the chain

any help and pictures would be fantastic

6th February 2009, 23:57
It sounds like chigiriki from at least one ha of Kiraku-ryu (the school that I have seen seems to favor a kusari that is 1.5x longer than the jo/habu, which is itself sized to the zyphoid process of each practitioner).

Be well,

Steve Delaney
7th February 2009, 02:38
Paul, the type of chigirki you mention is from Isezaki Kiraku-ryu. It may also be the same for Chichibu-den Kiraku-ryu as well.

The line of Araki-ryu I do uses a similar chigiriki. Araki-ryu Kempo in Isezaki use a chigiriki with a much longer chain.

7th February 2009, 07:09
HI Steve

I was hoping you would answer

next time were both on msn lets have a better chat. I now have the means to make one which is what you mentioned when you visited me.

Ellis Amdur
9th February 2009, 16:42
Hi Paul -

My chapter on chigiriki in Old School as some schematic drawings of the Kiraku-ryu chigiriki.

I may be reading the dimensions in Jigme's post wrong.

But, the chain is generally 1/2 the length of the shaft. And the shaft is generally at nipple height, (the usual reading of "chigi," or "chichi." But in truth, the dimensions were a little more "fluid" and for some, the shaft length is up to the base of the throat.

And - (Hi Paul, hi Steve)


9th February 2009, 21:43
HI Ellis

I completely forgot your book had the dimensions which is a bit naughty considering you sent me a copy.

It has the drawing I have actually been looking for which has the internal method of holding the chain in place.

When the metal tube arrives I will get to work on of these.

Not sure i can do a fundo that shape but I will see what i can come up with, may have to use a large sized ball bearing instead or a piece of hex bar.

Todd Schweinhart
14th February 2009, 03:40
Paul my good friend!

I have an old one like that you are describing. Give me a ring and I would be glad to send you some info. I also have an assortment of old Japanese texts with pictures, illustrations and descriptions of the chigiriki as well. The other gentleman were correct in stating that the Kiraku Ryu is usually associated with the concealing type. I haven't seen any branches of Araki Ryu that uses this one but as always it is very possible I am wrong. Talk to you soon and give the little ones a nage waza from Uncle Todder!

Todd Schweinhart
Louisville Kentucky

14th February 2009, 07:13
Hi Todd

if all goes well this year my friend I can have a good look at it myself.

You keep hiding these things from me.

I will call you sometime over the weekend.