View Full Version : Show threads from when?

27th July 2000, 06:14
Is there some way to get the value in the "Show threads from *days*" button to stay where I set them?

Today is my first chance to look at e-Budo in several weeks. Everytime I go to a forum I set the value to "Show threads from *45 days*" and press the "go" button. As soon as I come back from a thread or switch to another forum, however, the value as reset itself back to "Show thread from *last day*."

Before e-Budo crashed, I seem to remember that we could set this value in our user profile. Now I can find no place to do so.

Thanks in advance for your help.

George Kohler
27th July 2000, 06:41
Mr. Bodiford,

If you go to the upper right corner, the Mon that says "Change Profile," you can change the default. It's under the "Default Thread View" option.