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Jimmy Francoeur
25th February 2002, 17:08
Hi everyone!

I need my name in japanese. My first name is relatively easy I think. Ji-mi-i(?)

As for my last name, in katakana or hiragana should it be like that: fu-ra-n-ko-ur ?
Maybe I should use a kanji since my name mean in french: Francoeur = Franc (frank) + Coeur (heart)

Can somebody help please?

Have a nice day!

Adam Young
25th February 2002, 22:37

You can use kanji for your name, but the standard way to write a Western name in Japanese is by katakana. When I first went to Japan, I thought it would be cool to write my name in kanji, either phonetically or by meaning. In either case, Japanese people just kind of looked at me funny. Over there, the expectation is really to use katakana.

In katakana, your first name would be like you said: JIMII

Your last name (by what I remember as the French pronunciation - I am not American so I will resist the temptation to say FRAIN-ker ;) ) would probably be FURANKUU. Maybe FURANKUURU. Depends. It can be however you wish your name to be pronounced.


Jimmy Francoeur
26th February 2002, 11:36
Hi Adam,

Thanks for the help!

Have a nice day :wave:


John Lindsey
26th February 2002, 23:51
Try the name translator here:


27th February 2002, 13:48
Hi all,
It said that my name was 'Ben Shirapuresu'. NONSENSE!!
My name in Katakana is "Be n- Sha- Pu Re Su"..Makes far more sense to me..And besides that is how Tanemura Sensei write my name on the Certificates I have...There you go.
Not too bad though..And it will get you headed in the right direction.

Ben Bartlett
27th February 2002, 14:54
You think that's bad? It said mine was "Benjamin Barutsuretsutsu". No wonder everyone just called me by my first name! :laugh: (Barutareta or Barutareto would be a lot closer to the actual pronounciation, however. ;) )

27th February 2002, 15:12
Hi Ben,
Problem is that I can't and wouldn't use Kanji for my name.
'Ben' can mean some VERY strange things in Kanji Japanese, including 'Speech', 'Frog', 'Diligence',(One that I am NOT gong to mention..Rhymes with 'Git'!!), 'Give birth to', and the one that I like the best...'Crown'.
With a choice like that who wouldn't...Frog:redhot: ?, and others :cry: :cry: ...Oh well..
How about 'Benkei':idea:
Always liked that name...

Ben Bartlett
27th February 2002, 15:47
I never use kanji for my name, either (although this Japanese girl did was give me this nice painting of a kanji for "Ben"... think it was the diligence one, but that's neither here nor there). I think too many Japanese people would look at me funny if I tried to use kanji. :D

Yeah, Benkei is a good name, but I think they'd really look at me funny if I went with that one. ;)

27th February 2002, 16:36
Originally posted by John Lindsey
Try the name translator here:


Lol! Apparantly I am Chiisuchian kooperu. A much closer approximation I think would be クリスチャン。ク?[パ (Kurisuchan kuupa)