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27th July 2000, 14:22
Does anyone know if the UK has any dojos in the midlands?

What is happening with the Dojos, there aren't many new ones?


Gary Dolce
27th July 2000, 20:15
A list of UK Dojos can be found at:


Someone from the UK will have to answer your second question.

Anders Pettersson
27th July 2000, 22:01
Hi Simon and welcome to e-budo.

As far as I know, in the UK there are Shorinji Kempo branches in Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh) several branches in the London area and some down in the south (Bournemouth, Southampton).

There is also a sort of "official" list of branches at Shorinji Kempo Hombu website, for branches in UK you can check this; http://www.shorinjikempo.or.jp/wsko/list/uk.html

I will try and contact a friend of mine in London and see if he knows more and maybe can give you an answer here.

<A href="http://www.shorinji-kempo.org">www.shorinji-kempo.org</A>

Steve Williams
28th July 2000, 19:35
Hi Simon
The links that Gary and Anders gave you are fairly complete.
There is currently a major overhaul and update of the BSKF website being done (watch this space).
As for branches in the midlands there are not any at present, there used to be branches in York and Northampton but both have closed due to a lack of support (from kenshi) and the branch masters moving location.
Shorinji Kempo in the UK seems to be concentrated in London, on the south coast and in Scotland.
There are new branches opening but they are still close to these areas, this is probably due to a couple of factors, you need to be of 3rd dan grade or above to open an official club in the UK (an afiliated club can be opened by 2nd dan but must be supervised by a 3rd dan instructor), so anyone who has trained for a number of years and attained this grade is also probably set up in a career in the local area to their branch, when they are able to open a club they do not want to travel for hours to teach so open a branch relatively close to their old club, thus the process of expansion is slowed.
I hope this is of help, will post when the new BSKF site is running.


31st July 2000, 16:06
Thanks for your time.

I studied for sometime under Sunsei Gee in London, attaining Shodan, then had to move away. Is there nothing BSKF can do to help and encourage move people to open clubs and spread this great art?

It seems from the 10 or so years ago I left there haven't been many other clubs set up?

I have some ideas on this matter and would enjoy the chance to help Kempo in open more dojos and helping new sensei..


Simon Shenton