View Full Version : children's Jujutsu class

27th February 2002, 18:25
Any input into starting a quality chilren's class focusing on jujutsu would be helpful. Maybe some ideas for the first few months of training.
Thank you.

Robert Wolfe
27th February 2002, 19:52
One thing's for sure -- jujutsu training for children younger than 12 or so needs to take into account the fact that joints may not be fully formed and therefore especially vulnerable to damage in twisting or locking techniques.

28th February 2002, 04:31
Hi Erin,
One of the better instructors I know runs a great youth program in his Danzan Ryu Jujitsu club near here. They focus a great deal on falling, rolling and general escapes. Lots of fun games and playful randori. He got a big club but not very commercial...ie no easy ranks.

The parents appreciate the non-commercial nature and emphasis on respect, manners, self-control and fundamentals. He often has the Dan ranks do demos fo advanced material just to keep the kids anticipating what's coming.

Hope this helps.