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27th February 2002, 18:57
Is Uehara Seikichi still alive? If so, how is his health. Did he name a sodenke for the art? I have always liked this art and see it as a true treasure of Okinawan budo.

Joe Swift
4th March 2002, 02:37
Uehara Sensei recently made a TV appearance, where he put Kakuta Shihan (of K-1 refereeing fame :-) ) in a whole LOT of pain.

Uehara Sensei, although very hard of hearing, appeared in excellent health.

As far as his successor. I have heard from someone that Motobu Chosei was being prepared to take over, to get the art back in the family, but there are many other Uehra students much more senior to him. Alas I have no real reliable info on this aspect...

Joe Swift

4th March 2002, 03:16
I saw footage of uehara sensei that was less than flattering. I have heard amazing things about his jujutsu like techniques. He is a true treasure in okinawan budo.

5th March 2002, 06:17
I have friends who know Uehara sensei and I know that in his younger years, he was an amazing martial artist. The video that I saw was not flattering, because his uke were falling and throwing themselves for him. It was a strange tape. Wih I could have seen his earlier stuff and it is amazing that he is still teaching at his age, a true warrior.

Erin O'Neill

Patrick McCarthy
21st March 2002, 08:17
Uehara Seikichi?

I had a go at him one year up at the Budai, and wound up getting him exactly where "he wanted me":-( Ouch! Even for an old guy in his ninties, I found him nimble, exact and able to deliver effective technique without problem. Moreover, he was a delightful person, too.