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1st March 2002, 05:00
I have heard much about this ryu and in many articles it claims to teach the bugei ju happan. Tsuneyoshi matsuno is one of it's most renowned teachers. Anyone have knowledge or resources that they can point to?

Tony Peters
1st March 2002, 19:10
That shold be a start

Paul Steadman
2nd March 2002, 01:14
Hi Tony,

I think you've confused Takenouchi Hangan Ryu with Take(no)uchi Ryu {as detailed at http://www.furyu.com/ by W. Muramoto).

G'day O'Neill,

Have you read "Bugei Ju-happan: The Spirit of Samurai," by M. Nakajima & S. Nakajima (translated by T. Matsuno) published by Sugyama Publishing Co., Ltd. This book covers Takenouchi Hangan Ryu, its history, traditions and some techniques.

Other than the above I don't know much more. I do remember back in 2000 that an Australian martial artist was claimimg to be a representative of a Kokusai Budo Koryu Kai (or something like that) under the auspices of T. Matsuno, but he had not met or trained with T. Matsuno but was able to publish references where T. Matsuno was praising the Ozzie guy to the max (but hadn't met him yet!).


Paul Steadman

Tony Peters
2nd March 2002, 01:37
Must remember "Always read the whole name when looking at Japanese Ryu-ha"
Try a google search

2nd March 2002, 02:13
I know about the Take (no) uchi ryu. I was just asking about the art taught by T. Matsuno sensei. Thank you.