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John Lindsey
5th March 2002, 02:36
Here is something I think you will enjoy. Make sure to turn your sound up since it is hard to hear. Best done in a dark room too. Anyone know what the translation of the kanji is?

Click Here (http://home.kimo.com.tw/netspooky/kikia/)

Jay Bell
5th March 2002, 02:44
It's official John. I, along with my neighbors, hate you. :D

Scared the ever lovin...outta me

Steven Malanosk
5th March 2002, 02:44
That was cool! But you just woke up my wife and daughter!

14th March 2002, 21:21
I knew what was coming but I still have to go change my shorts now.

15th March 2002, 04:54
Didn't scare me even the first time I saw it. I'd seen 2 or 3 others already and knew it was coming.

Jeff Hamacher
15th March 2002, 06:14
Originally posted by John Lindsey
Anyone know what the translation of the kanji is?
you'd have to ask someone who can read chinese, 'cuz that's sure not japanese.

19th March 2002, 13:36
what can I say.... my boss was not amused.....

8th April 2002, 17:54
Whoa! Yeah, it's Chinese..wish I could read what it says..

21st April 2002, 07:17
the link wont work for me :( What was it??

24th April 2002, 16:58
There are 7 things wrong with this picture.
Can you figure it out?


26th April 2002, 12:21
Whew, gotta go clean my pants now...:eek: