View Full Version : What koryu systems use sparring (randori)?

6th March 2002, 17:02
What koryu systems use sparring (randori)?
How is it done in the system you know about?

19th March 2002, 15:00
Obviously from reading the history of the Kodokan Kito ryu did. There randori was I think close to Judo's. In other threads Teguichi ryu must have had simular randori as well.

There are various forms of randori one is continuous attack where an uke and tori are designated in the randori and uke is supposed to attack with harming intent. This I think is the traditional aiki jujutsu randori.


I thought you'd get more reply's than this I don't give randori much thought off the top of my head. Of course there is shin ken gata with a live blade, but thats considered a more serious realm than randori.


20th March 2002, 11:38
The first school (known) to use randori for training was jikishin-ryu (not to be confused with jikishin-kage) and the term "Judo" was first used by them, though it was probably "yawara no michi" or "jiu no michi" then.

It was an older school of kitoryu.


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