View Full Version : Anyone heard of these books part 2

7th March 2002, 21:31
Konban wa,

Continuing with the list of books that I'm looking for, that no one seems to know about is.

1) Budosendendo (this is how to ride horses?)

2) Zenbureipiden

3) Heiki buyokyojitsi (Is a book about wearing armor in the proper order quickly)

4) Enkakuin yogoden (this is a religious buddhist text from written by Taeboku, religious name of founder of Ichizen ryu)

5) Michishirobe renpyoden

6) Kamyodenkai

All these have some connection to Ichizen Ryu. Anyone who knows anything, it would be appreciated.

Arigato Gozaimasu
Joseph Swartz


Joseph Svinth
11th March 2002, 13:34
I haven't heard of the books, either, but have you considered going through a Japanese-language used-book service? The Skosses recommend one on their website, and presumably there are others.

Mark Brecht might have suggestions, too.

11th March 2002, 16:27
thanks. I'll do that. I was just wondering if anyone had oh a copy or something colleting dust on a shelf.

Joseph Swartz