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9th March 2002, 04:49
Why is it often said and "documented" that in the little more advanced era when japan invaded china , the "modern" samurai was getting solid in karate as in their main martial art along with weapon kobudo training , can this be true ? or was jujutsu the only samurai art ? i understand that aikido has a lineage with a feudal samurai art , but karate ?? i dont think so

9th March 2002, 12:24
Regarding the question it has to be made clear which Karate syle you refer to..The Japanese Bujutsu have a very long history of Atemi driven arts; Koppo-Jutsu, Dakentai-Jutsu, Karate-Jutsu (Using the Kanji for 'Chinese hand' rather than 'empty hand'), and various other arts or sub-arts..Jujutsu Ryu had a large majority of Atemi directed forms that could be applied to both armoured and un-armoured opponents..And these may be what the statement you quote bases that on..If they are talking about the Okinawan arts originally known as 'Te' and later Karate then you are correct in assuming that this was NOT a Japanese speciality' at the end of the 16th century, It was still being developed but among the Okinawan islands and it was not an art that was spread to the rest of Japan until Gichin Funakoshi's introduction in the Meiji era.
I would personally view the statement as mis-informed..The majority of the fighting in the Korean invasions was conducted using either Yari, Tachi, or the Arquebus rifle (Indeed there were repeated calls for extra men carrying ONLY guns as I remember..). As such it would be very difficult to claim that empty handed arts were the backbone of the invasions strength.
(:smash: I just realised..you may be referring to the Meiji era invasions of China and Russia..) If THIS is so I think it would be safe to say that Karate had been adopted as 'military training' along with Jukendo, Kendo, Iaido, and Judo..I would have to check as my knowledge on the 'modern Japanese military' is considerably less than I know of the Koryu and the battles then...A good history of Karate is contained in Funakoshi-San's book "Karate-Do-My way of life" and he talks about the introduction of that art to Japan and its re-naming among other things..
Sorry this took so long...I need Coffee I think:idea: