View Full Version : Yamaue Aiki Jutsu/ Yamaue Keido (grandson of Takuma Hisa?)

11th March 2002, 17:34
Does anyone know much about Yamaue Keido, the grandson of Takuma Hisa? He runs a group out of Europe and is a priest of Shingon.

Brently Keen
11th March 2002, 19:36
A lot of people make extraordinary claims, but not all of them are true or verifiable.

Brently Keen

11th March 2002, 21:05
Yamaue keido is definitely not a grandson of Takuma Hisa. We asked about it from one of Takuma Hisa's daughters a few years ago.

Jyrki Rytila
Takumakai, Finland

12th March 2002, 00:37
Thank you for the replies. It is something that someone would claim such a thing that can easily be checked out. A shame really. It would have been cool if it were true. I guess I'll avoid those seminars then.

Arne Oster
13th March 2002, 14:36
Whether or not that claim is true, I don't really know and had no reason to doubt as it was never emphasized on any seminar I have attended over the years.

However, Yamaue Sensei is pretty good technically. Some of
his techniques are clearly based on Shorinji Kempo and other things match my knowledge of Daito Ryu (however limited) and he also has a thorough knowledge of the keiraku and pressure points for both healing and pain compliance.

Arne Oster

13th March 2002, 14:39
I too have heard some good things about his technique and knowledge. It was only the Takuma Hisa connection that I was wondering about.

Nathan Scott
22nd July 2003, 00:43
Well, according to a page affiliated with Roland Maroteaux of "Takeda ryu Aikijutsu":


In 2000, the International Council of Martial arts Experts - International Budo Association, led by a nephew of Takeda Sogaku, Keido Yamaue 10 Dan Aikijutsu awards him 8 Dan Aikijutsu, and the title of Hanshi. The award was made in the presence of many international experts, such as Del Cueto Sensei, Menkyokaiden Shihan Aikijutsu Daito Ryu

So now he's a nephew of Takeda Sokaku?!?

I found the following pages that relate to "Jimmy Keido Yamaue" (J.K. Yamaue). Seems to be popular in Europe:

Family Yamaue Homepage -

Soke 1st Prof. J. K. Yamaue -

In this page, under "personal history", it lists Takuma Hisa as the uncle of his father, who taught him Daito ryu.

Soke Yamaue claims to be a Buddhist priest, working at two "Imperial" temples (I assume they are located in Denmark, where he lives), as well as a 10th dan in a new system of Shaolin Kung Fu (!) - "He teaches Ju Jitsu, Aiki Jutsu, Kobudo, Karate and Kung Fu through the world."

They can be contacted at:

"Saga Imperial Budo Academy"
Yamaue Aiki Jutsu & Shaolin Kung Fu Honbu Dojo (Headschool)

Gl. Kongevej 23
DK - 1610 Copenhagen V
33 25 28 27


IBU: International Bujutsu University: Founder & Head Professor appointed by Daishoji Imperial Temple

SBA: Scandinavian Budo Association: Founder & Lifetime President

IUMA: International University of Martial Arts:Founder

IAF: International Aikido Federation: Honorary President


More links:


Mention on the World Soke Council page -

Is anyone else underwhelmed by this unveiling of a "45 degree theory"?


BTW, if you can't find the URL to the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, it is provided on one of Soke Jimmy's pages:


So there you have it,