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29th July 2000, 21:00
Can anyone recomend any good Chicago area dojos?

30th July 2000, 03:44
Depends on what you are looking for. Chicago has some excellent judo clubs and even a few good jujutsu dojos. There are also a lot of flakes, as you might expect in a city this size.

Send me an e-mail at budokai@concentric.net and let me know what area is closest to you, south side, north side, western suburbs, etc. I can forward a list of dojos and contact numbers.

4th August 2000, 19:23
Check out Senseis Maureen Browne and John Gussman at Fox Valley Judo & JuJitsu Club, 295 Rt. 59, Aurora, IL 60504, 708-978-0420. Their web page is:


Mitch Saret
14th August 2000, 02:18
I recommend Bob Schirmer's All-American Dojo in Cicero. Bob is an excellent teacher.

30th August 2000, 06:56
I agree, in a city the size of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs there are quite a few good schools and I'm sure some that are less desirable. It depends on what you are looking for in a school really. Before relocating to the "left coast" I was involved with Miyama Ryu for a number of years. I found it to be very good and the cost very reasonable. They have several locations, which can be found here...


Telephone 847-991-8658 FAX 847-934-6554

Postal address
634 East Northwest Hwy, Palatine IL 60067-6356

Electronic mail
General Information: email@combatarts.com

Good luck,


Neil Hawkins
31st August 2000, 00:16

Thanks for the input and welcome to E-Budo. I must point out though that it is a policy here that you use your full name when posting.

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Brian G Barnes
3rd September 2000, 23:58
To whom it may concern: Dr. Stephen Fabian sensei, American Honbu-cho of Hontai Yoshin Ryu, is located in Naperville, IL, about an hour and a half west of downtown Chicago. If you want some good classical jujutsu and weapons, drop him an email. He can be reached at stfabian@noctrl.edu.

Brian G Barnes