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Paul Steadman
20th March 2002, 14:02
Hi All,

Further to the "Expression of Interest," and "Discussion Paper," Re:
Proposal To Form Koryu Bujutsu/Budo Renmei, mailed out to interested and concerned stakeholders in 2002 (in Oz!), I am currently in the process of facilitating the formation & incorporation (under Australian law) of an Australian koryu organisation, the AKBF web-site is at: http://au.geocities.com/koryunet (recently updated).

The AKBF is being formed as a service body as well as to protect the
rights and privileges of Australian shibucho & monjin of koryu budo/bujutsu arts in a pro-active measure to counter sports-based and
modern eclectic "street-combat freestyle," martial arts who have formed government funded & backed martial arts industry organisations.

These so called martial arts industry organisations are seeking to govern, control, accredit (read: license) and regulate all martial arts & self-defense (including koryu...of which they do not differentiate from the pop martial arts) groups within Australia.

I am currently seeking ideas, hints, concepts, horror-stories (ie: real life stories of gov't interferance in Japanese budo in your country, state etc), articles or essays to be shared with us in support of the establishment, development and future progress of the AKBF as a service organisation for all koryu budo/bujutsu groups in Australia. Please check the AKBF web-site at: http://au.geocities.com/koryunet and let me
know if you have any ideas, hints, advice or if you find any mistakes that need correcting.

Thank you for your valuable time and kind assistance in the above request. I hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions or require further details please e-mail me at: akbf@telstra.com , all the best.


Paul Steadman
AKBF Act'g Secretary

21st March 2002, 00:11
Hi Paul,

Congrats on the site ! A lot of hard work.

What style you do and do you have a list of the members ?