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22nd March 2002, 22:12

I'm interested in reading about the political history of Japan in the 16th Century and also in learning about the culture of the time. Can folks recommend any (authoritative) books on these topics?


gregg eller

Joel Simmons
22nd March 2002, 23:32

Go audit a history class at a local college. You'll learn way more.

Karl Friday
26th March 2002, 13:49
Elison and Smith's Warlords, Artists, and Commoners anthology (Hawaii, 1981) is a good place to start.

26th March 2002, 14:18
Hello Gregg,
A good one for the late political scene would be Elizabeth Berry's "Hideyoshi" I found to be a good alrounder on the time..Not the culture so much but certainly the men in charge at the end of the Sengoku Jidai..Also, for a good (and certainly 'authoritative') book on the changes made to the idea of the Samurai over the 16th through 19th centuries I would suggest "The taming of the Samurai" by Eiko Ikegami..Both are available through Amazon.com

26th March 2002, 17:56
Excellent, thanks for these recommendations. I'm looking forward to getting these books soon.

gregg eller