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Jody Holeton
24th March 2002, 16:42
Dear all,

My girlfriend has always wanted to learn those twin hook kung fu swords. Next month she is going to Ashikaga Japan, and I was hoping that shorinji kempo (which is pretty much Shaolin kung fu right) might have these weapons in their arsenal OR at least know of a style (or instructor) in Japan that does.

Thanks so much,
Jody Holeton :toast:

Robert Liljeblad
24th March 2002, 20:15

To my knowledge there exists only tree official Shorinji Kempo weapons and those are:

Dokko = Similar to a knuckle-duster, but small blades standing out at the ends
Nyoi = like a baton but made of wood
Shakujo = Is a walking stick used by monks. Has spear-like end with rings or blades attached. Approcomatley 120 cm long.

Think there was a thread on Shakujo a time backů


Steve Williams
25th March 2002, 22:28
Sorry Jody

As Robert said, we do not practice many weapons (only the 3 as he said, and those only VERY SPARINGLY)

Shorinji Kempo, is directly translated as "Shaolin temple fist way"
Ans as such is basically a weaponless style, more closely related/ resembling Karate or Ju-jitsu.

Hope your friend has some joy in her search :D

Try and ask on the sword forum, a wealth of knowledge there on edged weapons.

25th March 2002, 22:47
Hi Jody.

I know that some Chinese MA styles practiced in Japan to train the Twin Hook Swords.

I think one might be the Wing-chun School in Azabu Tokyo.
Methinksalso thinks they are practiced by a few Bagua Styles.

First I think you will need to find out exactly which style trains them as a regular weapon and than find a school that teaches that style in Japan.

As for Shao-Lin there is a difference between northen & southern Shao-lin as well. I think in total the Shao-lin styles number over 300.

Generally weapons in CMA are only taught after a few years of study and the order of weapons is normally fixed.

Hope this helps.

29th March 2002, 14:06
I don't think she'd have much luck with the Wing Chun school. Most of the mainstream Wing Chun school practice only butterfly swords & 6 1/2 point pole. That's after the 3 hand forms & the dummy training.

Bagua may have hooked swords. I haven't seen them, but no biggie there. I've seen the big broadsword, straight sword, spear, & deer hooks. Some Xing-yi systems use hook swords. However... with most internal systems, you have to have a strong foundation in their empty hand stuff before weapons are introduced. Actually with most Chinese systems that's the case. :look:

Check with Fabian Sena at Cyberkwoon (http://www.cyberkwoon.com) . He's a Luohan Quan/Bagua/Shaolin practitioner that lives in Kumamoto. He may know of people as well.