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Martin Allerby
25th March 2002, 16:21

A fellow kenshi and I are planning on going to Japan, participating in the summer Camp held at Hombu this September. After the camp we are planning on touring around in Japan. During our journey we would very much like to (if possible) practice Shorinji Kempo at different branches. In order to make this possible we would like to get in contact with different branch masters or contact persons all over Japan. Today we don’t have any detailed travel plan, but as soon as we have one we would like to contact some branches along the way.

If someone knows of any persons or branches suitable to contact we would be very grateful for this information.

Best regards,

Martin Allerby, Shorinji Kempo Gothenburg Branch, Sweden

Mark Brecht
25th March 2002, 16:37
We got the right man for you.

I am most certain Ebudo member "Kimpatsu" aka Tony Kehoe will be able to help you. He lives in Tokyo and is bilingual, and of course does Shorinji Kempo...

:p Please give him a day to response. We currently have 3 am in Tokyo right now...

Steve Williams
25th March 2002, 22:38
Hi Martin

Anders (or Anders sensei to you?) probably has the best contact in Japan, ask his advice.

Or ask hombu directly, they will at least give a list of dojo and contacts.

Tony is a good contact in Tokyo (but I personally liked other places in Japan to travel to) and there are a lot of good branches there.

You may meet people at the hombu camp who will invite you to train at their branch, this is an excellent opportunity and should not be missed.

Just one thing, take a letter of introduction from your branch master, and probably also from your head of federation, this is just a politeness thing but is quite important if you do not know anyone from the branch you will visit.

Finally we may get to meet up at the Swedish seminar in April, this information must be worth you buying me a beer ;) :D

Martin Allerby
28th March 2002, 07:05
Hello !

Thank you for your replies (Mark & Steve)!

Mark: How do I get in contact with “Ebudo member "Kimpatsu" aka Tony Kehoe”?

Steve: Looking forward meeting you at the Bromma training camp in April. Of course I’ll buy you a HIGH QUALITY Swedish beer. ;)
I’ve already discussed the issue with Anders (and he gave me good feedback), but I also wanted to find my own connections. It is always interesting to find new travel routes and contacts. (Anders is Anders sensei to me and I guess to you as well (as you are Steve Sensei to him). Aren’t we all sensei:s in some sense… ). I thing it is a very good idea to bring a letter of introduction – I’ll try to arrange that.

Since this is my first trip to Japan I would appreciate information concerning “vital” things to explore while you are in Japan – things you are not allowed to miss. Enabling me to find these things I would very much like to know how I could get in contact with persons, institutions etc. (I’m not ONLY interested in things directly related to Shorinji Kempo – even though that is our main reason going to Japan.

Best regards,

Martin Allerby, Gothenburg Branch, Sweden

28th March 2002, 07:40
I'm right here. If you want to contact me, use the e-mail facility for this post. I'll still be around in September.

29th March 2002, 23:46
Gassho __||__

Hello Martin:
It's a shame you're not going to the October seminar at Hombu. My wife and are going to be there then. We are also going to several other branches on our trip. I trained in Tokyo for a couple of years( that's where I met my wife, she kicked me, really) at 3 branches that were affiliated with each other. But if Kimpatsu is there then that would be best. If you are going to be in Todatsu one thing you might check out is if you can practise at Kowashima-sensei's dojo. Someone at Hombu should be able to help you with that. If you have flexible travel plans, then the suggestion of going to the new found friends dojos is definately the best way to go.

Onno Kok
Alberta Shibu
Calgary Canada