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John Lindsey
30th March 2002, 01:17

John Lindsey
30th March 2002, 01:19
"Houston, tell our Divers that the Hawaii JuJitsu KoDenKai
MizuJitsu training we had is paying off up here. Some Russian was trying to sneak in to the space station and... oh, never mind, he lives here too..."

Cameron Wheeler
30th March 2002, 14:12
swing bat bata bata swing...

30th March 2002, 15:57
Three man musical weapon's kata at the local open tournament.

Jabonn Flurry

30th March 2002, 18:56
"I wasted all those years practicing sojutsu did I?"

2nd April 2002, 00:28
The Russian's announced today a FREE all day pass to their new 'LEGOLAND in ORBIT' with each paid ticket to the Space Station.
* limited time offer, not valid with any other discount or coupon.


2nd April 2002, 00:47
Houston, we have a problem.

4th April 2002, 21:49
"Warning-your GIANT SPACE ERECTOR SET(tm) is not meant to be used for construction applications! Take caution!"

Neil Yamamoto
5th April 2002, 00:22
Kryten you smegger, that's the last time you get to use that groinal socket attachment.

6th April 2002, 00:38
The first and only test of the alternate re-entry apparatus ends in failure.

8th April 2002, 05:13
"Told you we should of used Linux instead of Windows."

13th April 2002, 00:35
Contrary to popular belief, the first space colony was actually a trailer park.
(Note large butane tank)

Brian Clark
Genbukan Ninpo