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Arne Oster
1st August 2000, 09:42
Is there any legitimate information available about
a certain Tanemura Katsumi and his involvement with
Daito Ryu?
Arne Oster

Nathan Scott
11th August 2000, 17:35
Hello Mr. Oster,

Can you give us a little more background information on Mr. Tanemura and which branch of Daito ryu he may have had contact with?

Here are some webpages that came up in a search:

TANEMURA, KATSUMI- THE MAGIC OF THE MASTER (http://www.angelfire.com/az/tanemura/)

From the page: http://www.geometry.net/detail/sports/aiki_jutsu_and_aiki_jujutsu_page_no_3.html

44. Tanemura, Katsumi: Soke Of Hokushin Aiki-Bujutsu

Yo Kai is a division of the Kokusai Jujutsu Kai and is open to teachers and studentsof Jujutsu, aikiJujutsu, Hapkido, Classical Judo, aikido, and Kempo jutsu.

Tanemura, Katsumi: Soke of Hokushin Aiki-Bujutsu

Soke Tanemura began studying Bujutsu in 1928, in the Yoshin Ryu style of Jujutsu and Kodokan Judo. From 1939 to 1948, he was the senior student of Yoshida, Kotaro in the art of daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu. He worked with Yoshida Sensei in the publishing business and served as his uchi-desi for several years. He was introduced to Yoshida Sensei by Mr. Tanemura, Kenji. Tanemura Sensei also studied under Sagawa, Yukiyoshi in Tokyo, and Horikawa, Kodo (pre-kodokai). He left due to politics. From 1950 to 1955, Tanemura sensei studied or researched the tecjniques of Takenouchi Ryu Jujutsu as well as those of the Tenjin Shinyo Ryu and Shin no Shindo ryu. He developed Hokushin Aiki-Bujutsu as a system of Sogo-Bujutsu or integrated martial arts.

Email: Kokusaijujutsu@hotmail.com

This appears to be a different person (?) than the Tanemura Shoto of the Genbukan, who also runs an organization called "Kokusai Ju Jutsu Renmei"


12th August 2000, 01:30

There is little if no verifiable information about a Tanemura Katsumi. He is claimed to be a Daito ryu student of Yoshida Kotaro but his name is not evidently listed in Kotaros ledgers. Thats does not necessarily mean he did not study Daito ryu somewhere or at sometime but he for sure did not receive any teaching license in Daito ryu. Kondo Katsuyuki has never heard of him. If he founded his own branch of Daito ryu, he did so without the authority of possessing a teaching license so what ever he taught should not really be called Daito ryu.

Mr Oster, have you ever see a photo of this person or have any concrete evidence that he genuinely existed. His name appears from time to time in connection with a Mr Smith but I have never seen a picture of him or heard his name mentioned by anyone not related in some way to Mr Smith?

This same Mr Smith contacted Takamura Yukio around a year ago inquiring about his grandfather (Shigeta Ohbata's) relationship with Kotaro. Takamura Sensei thought the questions rather odd and forwarded Mr Smith to Kondo Katsuyuki and Don Angier, explaining that they would be the legitament heads of any art taught by a student of Yoshida Kotaro. Neither of these two gentleman have evidently heard from Mr Smith as of yet.

Toby Threadgill

Arne Oster
12th August 2000, 08:31
Having seen nothing else than what appears on the web site
of Mr Smith, is why I tried to find other possible sources.
Arne Oster

12th August 2000, 11:27

I live in the same area as Mr. Smith. All I know about the guy is that he is a hapkido instructor. He has only recently started claiming Daito ryu.

Bruce Snyder