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Robert Wolfe
3rd April 2002, 15:08
Instructors: Which company do you use for dojo liability insurance? Do you have anything specific to report with regard to good or bad service?

Shitoryu Dude
3rd April 2002, 16:27
Well, I know we have insurance because the question came up after one of the green belts went through a large window last summer. Nobody was hurt, and kumite practice came to a sudden end as we very carefully extracted the dude from the window, knocked out the rest of glass, blocked off the sidewalk, cleaned up the mess, and boarded up the new ventilation :)

Come to think of it, the sai class was cancelled as well and I ended up doing yamanni style bo that evening.


5th July 2004, 05:15
I just got a letter that Martial Arts Group folded and our policy needs to be renewed by October. Any recommendations?

Robert Wolfe
5th July 2004, 14:17
I've used F. L. Dean for several years and have been satisfied based on rates and coverage. With any luck, I'll never find out how they handle claims...

Mitch Saret
5th July 2004, 18:44
One of my karate mom's works for a local agency. She writes the policy and through them it goes to Francis L. Dean. I actually met the current president of that company...can't remember his first name, but he is Francis L. Dean's son. Nice guy,bought me a cocktail! Through them, however, the actual carrier, and this shocked me, is Lloyds of London! I thought that was cool!