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John Lindsey
5th April 2002, 00:58

John Lindsey
5th April 2002, 01:00
"Ricky, you stop hitting on little Janty and get over here right now!"

5th April 2002, 09:20
"What happens when two Tae Bo students get overzealous and too close to each other...."

John McCollum
5th April 2002, 09:33
"Encouraged by their successes in teaching musical instruments to 1 year olds, the Japanese experience unforseen difficulties when applying this logic to the Martial Arts....."

5th April 2002, 14:52
Wahhhh Soke need pee pee !!


Rob Wallis

5th April 2002, 15:30
Looks like a failed "poopy-waza" to me....

13th April 2002, 00:42
[found on website 6 years from now]

And after my extensive study of combat techniques in my toddler years, I then began putting my knowledge into actual application. At the rough age of six I founded my own ryu. Togashura Kara Kwon Do, click the link below for more pics.

Brian Clark
Genbukan Ninpo

Shitoryu Dude
14th April 2002, 02:34
I don't see a link. Do you see a link? :confused: