View Full Version : Photo: man on a mountain path

John Lindsey
1st August 2000, 16:50
Date unknown, but probably pre WW-2. I really like this one!

JD Porter
1st August 2000, 17:26
on an unrelated note, what happened to the boinking smilies? :)

12th January 2001, 10:27
The picture are the best from all here in the Clipart-Archive!!

19th May 2004, 22:54
I really felt like commenting this one, its simply very beutiful. As someone previously wrote maybe the best picture of all the clipart-archive. I think so anyway.. :)

3rd October 2004, 21:56
that is amazing

5th October 2004, 07:46
Welcome back John.
Hope all is well?
As for the picture..I agree....Beautiful...As a caveat I would add that having seen Koya san here in Japan now it is very easy to find spots like this here now...You just have to look hard....Koya san is special...See it when the clouds are low and threatening to see what I mean....It was pouring down when I went and it really closed the place in...And reduced the tourists too...Best time to see that place in my opinion...
Thanks for the pic John.

Genin Andrew
21st June 2005, 00:16
AAAAAAAAH! nice work, I've been trying to find that pic for a loooong time now! i saw it ages ago used on a budo site, it was in a collage or something on the homepage.Its a beautiful photo, thanks for posting that up.