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John Lindsey
6th April 2002, 14:33
Find a martial art ad and make it something new:

John Lindsey
7th April 2002, 02:38

Shitoryu Dude
7th April 2002, 03:26
OK - just one observation about that hamster extractor.

You must be going after one BIG hamster, and it's going to hurt :eek:

Truth in advertising, don't you just love it?


J. A. Crippen
7th April 2002, 09:34
What really disturbs me is that John Lindsey has these ads handy for his Photoshoppery... Just what do you do when you're not maintaining E-Budo? Are you secretly the advertising editor for Black Belt Magazine?

John Lindsey
7th April 2002, 13:54
LOL. The ninja ad came from a 3rd rate magazine called "The Dojo." Must be at least 5 years old. I rarely buy a Black Belt mag, due to lack of Japanese martial arts shown. But, if you are looking for Martial Art adverts, then its a good choice since it is chock full of em.

I used to write for BB, Inside KungFu, Ninja Magazine, and Fighting Stars. I was in College and needed the money :look:.

Ron Rompen
7th April 2002, 14:49
Some people have NO ethics or morals (grin)

Seriously though, if you were good enough to write and be published, then there is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter who it was for.

8th April 2002, 05:07
Thats pretty good. I wish I had more magazines, I got the 40th edition BB Mag (got it confused for a different issue) and some Kung Fu/Qi Gong magazine. Don't want to rip them up to scan (crappy scanner, gotta feed the stuff).

What that Hung Gar Kung Fu by chance?

8th April 2002, 10:40
Awww. The only things I've got to post are the Rurouni Kenshin parodies I do for my personal homepage...

John Lindsey
9th April 2002, 03:58
Another book...