View Full Version : Panther Video now part of Century

John Lindsey
7th April 2002, 15:32
I just got a catalog in the mail from the Century World Wide Media Group. It says that Panther is now a division of Century Incorporated. Looks like a very nice catalog, and they put Tae Bo at the very end :).

14th April 2002, 13:41
Hello John,
Your post started me watching the series again (17th or 18th...I dunno!)...And I was thinking about the Yudansha that Tanemura Sensei used as his Uke in them...What has happened to them now? Are all still training in the Genbukan or have they moved out and gone elsewhere?
Just a quick thought as I haven't heard of 'some' of them since I started...Probably just me though.:smash:
Thanks sir.