View Full Version : Offenses and etiquette

10th April 2002, 00:54
I would like to apply the following post to Koryu traditions.

It can be a concern to those who lead and study martial arts, if a "new-comer" to a Dojo steps over lines of etiquette.

Sometimes, but hopefully rarely, I would imagine certain people can "roam" Dojos and take teachings and welcomings to advantage, be it for personal or other gain.

To illustrate, the following 2 similar hypotheticals are posed for your comment:

(1) A high ranking student of one Dojo, seeks out other instructors in the hope of inspiring his training after reaching a plateau in his own Dojo. An unwritten policy is set restricting such actions, but the student is silent. “Don’t ask don’t tell”. His choice is motivated by personal gain in the hope of deceiving (in some small or large way) to receive and maybe show off knowledge to another.

(2) A basketball player of an Eastern team, decides to attend training of the Western camp. He uses the knowledge gained to pass on to others of his original camp. His choice is motivated by both personal and collective gains.

__What are your thoughts on students who act like the above?
__Do you think it harms the tradition?
__What would you do as a leader of a group which has been ‘infiltrated’?
__Is there a difference between hypothetical #1 and #2?
__Of course the above student will not grasp the true teachings of the school, but what is the damage?

George Ricard