View Full Version : best jika tabi?

2nd August 2000, 21:40
i was just wondering who offered the best jika tabi, as far as quality for the bucks? just wondering....

Evan London
3rd August 2000, 14:49
In my experience, there are no good quality jika tabi available in the US. There's just sucky and suckier. Even the one's you get from Japan have soft rubber soles that rip and wear out quickly. The one's I wear I got from Andrew Young at Ascending Budo (URL: http://www.graycastle.com/asc.budo/). Are the best I've tried. Also, he has a great supply of suede soled tabi I wear most of the time since getting them a few months ago. I highly reccomend them for indoor training.
Good Luck.