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J Wolfe
19th April 2002, 19:24
I figured this would be a good place to post this here. I hope I'm not bringing up a topic that's been killed in and out already. If so, I'll apologize now, ahead of time.

There's no doubt in my mind that many of us tend to thoroughly work our bodies to death multiple times a week. Outside of work, family, school or anything else that we focus on in life, we take the time to thoroughly put our bodies through the wringer in and out of the Dojo. I'm curious to hear what many people do to supplement their recovery time.

Since I mainly only have evenings to workout and train during the week days, there have been more than a few occasions where I've felt like a zombie the next morning. Though that feeling becomes half the fun at times:D, many of our loved ones may find us rather harsh on ourselves. On weekends I can train and sleep as much as my hearts content, but weekdays can be pretty rough. So what do you do to help your recovery time?


22nd April 2002, 14:16
Hello Sir,
I currently train 6 days a week (8 'sessions') with 2 at my Dojo and the others either on my own, or with other students.
I have found that by far the easiest way to become 'used' to training often is to establish a 'pattern' that you can follow to give your body a better chance to become used to it all.
Try to sleep a set amount and get used to a 'standard' sleep pattern, eat at about the same times before and after training, and basically try to reduce 'outside' interferences' from the unexpected in life:smash: ...
I have found this to set up a kind of basis that my body has gotten used to...I still ache and hurt at times but because I am in a 'groove' the problems are lessened externally and my body can put more into fixing itself up...
Regular exercise is also excellent..after training also..As long as the weaker areas are well looked after the training has the effect of working out the pains or stiffness for me better than doing nothing anyway!
A good routine does work, and coupled with strong training and intense training outside the dojo gets the body into the routine of being trained and in pain and quickly working through its problems.
Try this....It certainly has helped me. Failing that...I dunno. 'Deep heat'?:toast: