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23rd April 2002, 16:57
:wave: Hi all, I'm trying to research a Sifu-Sensei by the name of Christpoher Gerlitz. How do I go about it?

Thank you

John Lindsey
23rd April 2002, 17:07
First step is to make sure you follow our rules about names. I am sure you read the rules when you joined.

Can you give any more information?

23rd April 2002, 19:12
Ok....he's teaching a Mixed Martial Art at the Martial Arts Fitness Center in Calgary, AB. He has, with help as stated on his website www.mafitness.com, come by Mo Woye Fat.

Also, how do I go about researching other dojos?

C. Smith

Joseph Svinth
23rd April 2002, 21:41
Google isn't much help here, as all it shows is that Gerlitz has taken a trip to Nepal ( http://www.planholidays.com/friends%20&clients.htm ) and that his school appears as a set in an episode of the TV show Viper ( http://www.canoe.ca/TelevisionShowsV/viper.html ).

Nothing on Gerlitz's website appears unreasonable -- one fellow coaches boxing, another trains would-be professional wrestlers, and the site states straight up that training here isn't likely to make you a movie star. So, at least from the website, the school looks to be a commercial gym catering to a somewhat upscale clientele. There's nothing wrong with that.

As for other systems and styles, a Google search for "Calgary martial arts" turns up the usual suspects -- TKD, assorted Japanese karate styles, Shorinji kempo, BJJ, ninjutsu, aikido, kendo, judo, capoeira, wing chun, etc. See, for example, http://www.calgarycity.net/martial.html .

24th April 2002, 14:09
Thanks you for your help. I'm still trying to find a martial art for me and this has helped. Thank you.

C. Smith