View Full Version : Keiko gi, velcro or tie?

Benjamin Peters
25th April 2002, 21:58
Just wondering what the general consensus is on their keiko-gi within Koryu training. At around the chest area do you have a small 'tie' to keep the lapels closed or do you use velcro? How do each fare in training?
Benjamin Peters

Jeff Hamacher
26th April 2002, 01:29
what we wear for jo training is the same clothing as for kendo; naturally, we don't wear any armor and my teacher insists that we wear koshita ("dogi pants") under the hakama. apart from some of the innovations on Bujin Design keikogi, i've never seen anything other than ties or drawcords and i can't imagine wearing anything but the more traditional gear for jo.

Ric Flinn
27th April 2002, 22:40
They actually make keikogi with velcro to hold the lapels together? Never seen that. Reminds me of my pre-tied hidden drawstring hakama idea....

Seriously, people in my groups usually wear a karate/judo gi until they deem the art worthy of spending the massive amounts of cash (what, $50-$70?) for the kendo gi with ties.

Ric Flinn

Benjamin Peters
27th April 2002, 23:09
Velcro was more of a suggestion I guess - I thought it could be done, as I have seen japanese tabi converted to velcro fasteners too. Just a suggestion, I thought others might have done it too.

20th May 2002, 16:42
In Japan, a lot of the lighter weight keikogi are now made with ties and velcro close to the neck. You don't get the option of not having it. This is because of the large percentage of women in kendo now. They like the velcro in addition to the ties because it does a much better job of keeping their keikogi closed. They feel it is more modest. I happen to like it because it keeps the dogi looking neater during iaido and jodo practice.

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