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3rd August 2000, 23:16
Hello everyone, I am new to this board, but have been involved with others in the past. I do train in judo, BJJ, and I wrestled for a time as well. The judo philosophy, however really makes the art attractive to me.
I have two questions :)
First, how many here train in BJJ as well as judo? Do you feel that the two arts compliment each other? I personally feel this is so, however many of the locks in BJJ are not permitted in judo competition. Yet I love both arts and feel you can definately get an edge on ne-waza having trained in both.
My second question relates to the Kodokan. I am planning to possibly go back to Japan (spent time there in the past) for possible career opportunities. I have given much thought to perhaps competing in judo. If I do find myself there, I'd like to train at the Kodokan. Has anyone trained there, or does anyone have any other schools they'd like to mention in the Tokyo area? Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (I'm holding myself back from using these smilies for now :) )

Take care,

Chuck Clark
3rd August 2000, 23:39
As mentioned in another topic in the judo forum here, I would recommend that you look up Kubota sensei of the Kodokan (he's also head of the Tenshin shinyo jujutsu). His judo is very good and very traditional.

Good luck.

4th August 2000, 05:26
Hello, Ryu,
I do seem to recall your posts on another board. However, please note forum rules at the bottom of the page. It is policy at E-budo to sign with your full name. The easiest way would be to configure it in your signature box. That way, you do not have to worry about signing as your signature will appear automatically.

That said, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is basically judo. While you are right in that some (arm) locks are prohibited in shiai (only locks which manipulate the elbow are permitted), the differences are only in nage waza vs newaza, as the center.

Early in the history of judo, the Kodokan took a beating from a jujutsu ryu called fusen ryu in which osae and other grappling techniques were used. That was probably the first time in which J. Kano decided to incorporate groundwork in the Kodokan syllabus. Shortly after, he was exposed to western wrestling (free style) and further refined newaza, taking into account its overall effectiveness. Fusen Ryu is difficult to find these days and the only school I personally know of is in Germany, but if anyone has more information on this it would be appreciated.

BTW: BJJ and judo do work together well. I doubt anyone will argue the effectiveness of BJJ katamewaza.

15th August 2000, 21:28
I suggest you log onto the Judo L at: http://members.aol.com/Cunningham/index.htm
and ask this question. There at least two people on the Judo L discussion group who live in Japan and can help out with your Kodokan questions. I'll say this: It won't be exactly what you might expect, judging from comments on Judo-L.

Ben R.

16th August 2000, 08:35
Welcome to E-budo, Ben!:wave:
We have this little rule concerning signing posts. Please use your full name when signing. The easy way is to include it in your signature box. You set it and forget it.

Concering Steve Cunnigham and the Judo-L list. I am a participant, but not nearly enough due to time constraints. There are others here who post there as well, and we have many who have lived and are living in Japan, and have been "educated" at the Kodokan.

I've been playing judo since 1963, and I know Steve's background, but it would be helpful as to what you are refering when you say "It won't be exactly what you might expect, judging from comments on Judo-L." I always think I won't be surprised by anything anymore concerning judo but I have. Many times. Could you surprise me again, please?:idea:

At any rate, it would make for some interesting discussion on the judo threads here. If you know Brian Griffin, you know he has been posting here and has been a very good asset to judo and Kodokan judo history. I am sure you would be, as well.

Again, Welcome!:)

16th August 2000, 13:36
Hi Mark,

Sorry about not signing with my whole name. My name is Ben Reinhardt and I'm in New Orleans. I've been doing Judo for 20 years and am a Sandan.

Regarding other people's experiences at the Kodokan, I did not elaborate because I don't want to misqote or misrepresent anyone. Thus the suggestion to ask the question there as well as on e-budo. I've never been to the Kodokan myself, so I can't add any personal experience.

Ben Reinhardt

17th August 2000, 08:21
Hi, Ben,
No prolem withthe sig. Most just do not realize it.

So how about it judoka? Joining Judo-L only means you join judo-L. I don't use it nearly as often as I would like but there are some of us there, and it is an email list, if you are wondering. Makes for good topics and answers to questions are forthcoming. Brian Griffin who posts here is a regular on the list and his depth of knowledge, not to mention his library and resources, are great. Most on the list are very cordial from my limited experience.