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30th April 2002, 03:38
Hi John,

I just replied to a thread about the Secrets of the Samurai book and found I was credited with 183 posts. Why, just yesterday I had 232 credited posts. What's up with that? Feel free to reply privately or in this forum.

Regards, respect and thanks,
Tommy Militello
"Peace can be a verb."

Shitoryu Dude
30th April 2002, 03:56
Well, now it's only 19 points. 8:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time

You must have really ticked off a lot of people or made one enemy who just likes to deduct karma points from you.


John Lindsey
30th April 2002, 04:03
Last night I went thru and purged a lot of old messages. I kept all the good threads though. The ones I trashed were junk posts, outdated information, etc. Not sure why you lost so many messages :up:

John Lindsey
30th April 2002, 04:04
Harvey, don't confuse points with posts. He is talking about message posts, not karma points.

30th April 2002, 09:43
Hi, Tommy,
You got off lightly. Check this. Yesterday, I had 2999, and take a look now, some three-hundred or so posts gone? I'm betting, though, a lot were "sign with real name," and other administrative posts, but it was pretty funny, actually.

You can have some of mine if you wish.


Damn, another one which will be "cleaned."