View Full Version : Phan-Ku Ryu Jujitsu ????

30th April 2002, 18:53
Looking for more info on a rather unknown style of Jujitsu.
??? Phan-Ku Ryu Jujitsu ????

Anyone ever heard of it ?


Neil Hawkins
3rd May 2002, 06:08
Sorry, but I have never heard of Phan Ku Ryu, and a web search brings up nothing.

Phan Ku is the Chinese legendary God of creation...

Phan Ku - Chinese creator god who formed the mountains, valleys, oceans, and rivers on the earth. When he died, his skull became the sky, his breath became the wind, his voice thunder, his arms and legs the four cardinal direction, his flesh the soil, and his blood the rivers. Then the fleas in his hair became human beings.

So I would doubt that any true Japanese style would use the name. It sounds like a modern creation to me, although it could be a Chinese reading of kanji, without seeing the actual kanji it would be hard to say, but I would think it unlikely.

Hope this helps.


Brently Keen
3rd May 2002, 11:57
You all can't be serious! :laugh:

Brently Keen