View Full Version : Removing sweat stains

Nicolas Caron
8th May 2002, 21:57
Hi everyone, this might sound stupid but, has anyone found a way to remove the stains left by sweat when a dogi is left to dry?

I usually wash my dogi as soon as I come back from training, but recently I havn't been able to do so and sometimes my dogi dries out befoer I can wash it leaving yellow "stains" especially in big sweating areas (armpits). I know I am not the only one to get these kind of stains and I was wondering if anybody had found a miracle trick to remove them.


Aaron Fields
9th May 2002, 18:25
REMOVE THEM....they can be your best allies.........Gives ne-waza a whole new meaning

Evan London
10th May 2002, 12:08
Wash your gi with bleach according to the bleach container's directions and then re-wash it without bleach to double rinse.

Good luck.