View Full Version : Looking for kanji resource

Glenn Scott
17th May 2002, 21:07
I am looking for kanji for the following:

"masakatsu agatsu"

Can anyone recommend a resource? Preferably online?

Thank you!

Kit LeBlanc
17th May 2002, 23:53
Here ya go, in O-sensei's own hand, yet!


Now tell E to get back to work!!!


Glenn Scott
20th May 2002, 19:10

WOW that was amazingly fast! I looked forever for this! Thank you very much for your help. You are quite a resource.

Also, when I get back from Japan, I would love to take you up on the training offer you extneded through E. By the way, I passed along your message to her...I will let your imagination fill in her reply :)

Thanks again!

Kit LeBlanc
20th May 2002, 19:49