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29th May 2002, 16:48
Footbag seems to be a trend right now, at least here in Finland. In every corner someone's doing tricks with it. I got tired of just watching and bought one of those official bags (Cost 17, which I don't think is a bad price, although they probably could have taken 7 off).

Do you think footbags are of any use in MAs training, and if yes, why/how?


Ron Rompen
29th May 2002, 19:22
ummmm...stupid question, but what is a footbag?

29th May 2002, 21:13
Footbags are afaik those tiny sacks full of... whatever... everybody likes to play around with...
They're at leas good for reactions and speed and help develop leg musculature, just like doing tricks with a real football do. And it's FUN!!!

29th May 2002, 21:42
Hmmm. I always thought the footbag was where you kicked the guy before you applied aiki.

I think the footbag you are referring to is more commonly known as a hacky sack in the states.

30th May 2002, 12:52
Sorry about the misleading name, but I just read the name on the sack and thought it would be the same worldwide. Once again the US and Europe have different names..Thanks for clearing that out! ;)
(Footbag does have quite a few meanings..)

Got to go for a jogg! Such a nice weather: clear sky and 25 C here in Helsinki, Finland. (Sorry, don't have time to change it to F--warm, but not as warm as in LA ;))


Ron Rompen
30th May 2002, 13:08
Ok, I thought from the context of your message that it might be a hacky sack, but wasn't sure.

Weather here in Canada is nice too.....23 C (high 60's to low 70's for our friends south of the border) which is a pleasant change from last week.

Wish I could go jogging too, but still under recovery from the surgery, so it'll be a while before I do anything more strenuous than just type :cry:

30th May 2002, 16:08
Tough luck, hope you get better soon, Ron! :)

A bit too hot for jogging in direct sunlight (<-- this smart guy wasn't smart enough to avoid open fields :( ). Ran about 5-7 km after which I was half dead and headed right away to the fridge for a cool drink and then straight to the sauna, where I swam a few hundred meters. Now I feel like a brandnew sports car...without any fuel. But I feel SO good! School's over, so I can concentrate a bit more on Budo.( as well as physical condition.)

Doesn't 'hack' mean beating, kicking...or a horse?? Sorry for not finding out if the name's same in the States.

[I've noticed that] playing around with the hacky sack/footbag (<--they write it together, so maybe it's a trademark..?) develops reaction time, as well as a wide variety of muscles (hamstrings, calves, hip abductors, quadriceps, tibialis, and so on.). Timing is also pretty important, especially when doing tricks. It's possible to add a few press-ups while fi.e a friends doing his share of the tricks. It's also a great way to make use of the time when waiting for the buss or subway etc., it doesn't take much space.

Options are infinite..


Ron Rompen
30th May 2002, 20:35
Naw, nothing major for the surgery.....periumbilical hernia, but unfortunately I will be off karate for a month or so while the abdominal muscles heal:cry:

Re: The hacky sack

The word 'hack' has a lot of different meanings in English (depending on context), and I don't know how it got applied to the footbag (which is a much more appropriate name once you think of it). Your ideas for using it as a training/exercise tool are quite interesting......I think that I may try some of them myself:)

Train hard, but have fun.