View Full Version : David Moore, 10 Dan Grand Master of AJJ?

Larry Hairgrove
29th May 2002, 20:20
Has anyone herd of David Moore 10 Don Grand Master in Aiki Jutsu?He owns a dojo in Pasadena Texas.I trained at his dojo for 4 months.I was told that he was a Orange belt under another so called "Grand Master " Jimmy Gerand" or Derandt sompthing like that.Jimmy was from the east coast.How does a person become a Grand master and does anyone know the true story about these guys.The only one who tought the class was a 2nd black belt who said that David Moore did not know Aiki, that is why he did not teach.So how does one call them selfs "Grand Masters"??????

Brently Keen
29th May 2002, 21:25
Is he any relation to Duke Moore also reportedly a 10 dan master of AJJ?

I think it's safe to say that neither the grandmaster(s) or the student instructors mentioned above know know much of anything at all about authentic aikijujutsu. Most so-called grandmasters aren't masters of anything (imo) except maybe faking whatever it is they do.

Brently Keen

Terry Ham
30th May 2002, 03:23
Larry try posting this in the Bad Budo section, and look for other threads under Jerry Durant and the Goshinjutsu kyo jujo karatejutsu. Good Luck!

Larry Hairgrove
30th May 2002, 04:13
Thanks guys for the intel,Mr.Keen I do know that their is another mr Moore in Houston who teaches aiki budokai,David Moore told me to stay away from him when I asked if they where kin folk .Mr Ham I will look for Durand in bad budo.The system that they use is not even a spin off of "goshinjutsu" aka derandt style but green belt material from a system from Deryl Corbet. David Moore "aka" grand master has no rank under Mr. Corbet.The black belt who teaches the class was only a green belt undre Mr.Corbet.It is so sad that these guys where the first people to train me in martial arts.The biggest lesson I got was to see what a frod some people can be.Just good old fashoned BAD BUDO!

Ken Allgeier
30th May 2002, 05:50
Here are some URL's and some E-Budo posts on the late Jerry Durant and his organization, he was a pioneer in the area of ' Bad Budo '.



These webpages claim that Jerry Durant learned Aiki Jutsu in Japan before WW2.




Title : Examining goshin jutsu ; Historicity

Title : goshin
Title : History of goshin jutsu
Title : Royal Martial Arts and goshin jutsu. Title :

" goshindo" Karate Legitimacy ?


goshin jutsu video club.


Murakami, Jerry Durant and Aiki Jutsu.

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ken allgeier

Larry Hairgrove
30th May 2002, 07:58
Thinks Mr.Allgier, for the info.Some one should write a book on Jerry Durant and call it Bad Budo.One of grand master Durants students was a guy named Freddie Sanchez.Master Durant and Fredies claim to fame was going around town to all the beer joints and sucker punching some biker or sompthing.To make a long story short my neighbor was telling me he used to train with Freddie untill they where walking down Galveston beach and reddie was just walking along and he just kicked a man in the face who was playing with his kids.Just walking along and hiting anyone he could.My neighbor told him "what are you doing" and decided to stop training with them.Fredie was stabed to death one night when him and his student was starting crap with a mans wife in Whattaburger one night.The man had just gotten out of prision and the man and his wife both jumped freddie while their friend grabed him.Even Fredies student was stabed in the back by the woman.That is what bad budo will do for you, you will wind up dead!p s this aiki jutsu system has 4 sokes how can you have 4 sokes?not even counting grand master david moore????