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30th May 2002, 04:57

I am looking for a Classical JuJitsu school in New York City, preferabbly Manhattan. Can anyone recommend a school?

30th May 2002, 05:45
You can find information on Sosuishitsuryu jujutsu at:



Eric Baluja
3rd June 2002, 10:54
I know you asked about NYC, but just FYI there is a teacher of Hontai Yoshin Ryu jujutsu near Trenton, New Jersey. If interested, let me know by PM or e-mail. Maybe we can arrange a transportation solution.

Also, some friends and I are trying to arrange to have a koryu teacher (or one of his senior students) currently residing in Maryland come up to NY for a monthly weekend class.

Good luck in your search.

P.S. Great last name for a budoka, BTW! :)

4th June 2002, 23:04
Thank you guys. I pmed you by the way. Thanks for all your help.

chris friedman
7th June 2002, 14:37
For a great taijutsu group check out www.muzosa.com if you go to the sat class in the park you will see taijutsu is practicly the same as jujutsu.You can try the first class for free it is two hour of no !!!!!!!! traditional training. Hope to see you there peace.

14th June 2002, 05:15
Thanks Chris, I will try to get to next Thursday's class and se if it is for me. Hope to see you there.

Brently Keen
14th June 2002, 14:58
There is also a Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Roppokai branch in NY. Likewise if you're interested send me a private email telling a little about yourself, and I'll see if I can't put you in touch with the instructor.

Brently Keen

14th June 2002, 16:16
Originally posted by Brently Keen
I'll see if I can't put you in touch with the instructor.
Brently, you should at least give the appearance of being helpful.:D :p :D

Brently Keen
15th June 2002, 13:06
Oops, sorry - I'll see if I can.

So here's a perfect example, why the time limit (for editting your posts) sucks.


28th June 2002, 12:28
I know you were looking for Manhattan, but I go to school in Brooklyn that is based heavily on Sosuishi and Hakkyro Ryu (Hope I spelled them right).
You can check out www.fujiryu.com for more info. The history page gives the info.
It's right on The Q Train line that goes express to Manhattan.

Happy Hunting!:D