View Full Version : Bryant vs. Bibby

1st June 2002, 04:58
I never thought I would find oyo during a basketball game.
Did anyone else see the move Kobe Bryant put on Mike Bibby
at the end of the 4th quarter?
Whether he knows it or not, it was the opening move to
Naihanchi shodan. Just shows how effective the move is.
Even without trying he knocked him on his arse.

Just thought I'd share...

1st June 2002, 06:52
Hey, I saw that forearm, and you don't have to know karate. I call it simply Laker-ki kenkyukai basketball.

I've also seen (and had it applied to myself) it in judo shiai. It may not be within the rules, but no one ever does it on purpose. Just like in the game, Kobe did what he had to do.;)

It is a contact sport. How many fouled out tonight. Vlade and??


Goju Man
2nd June 2002, 15:34
Yes, just about everytime that Shaq touches the ball on offense, he looks like he's doing part of Pinan San Dan (I think it's san dan) with the elbow.:D But something else watching those games reminds me of tournaments. How officials many times have their favorites.