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7th August 2000, 15:01
Please excuse the following, extremely trite, personal inquiry.

I was wondering if anyone had heard of George Parulski, an Aiki-Juujutsu instructor from the Rochester area. He claims to teach Shin Tenshin Shin'you Ryuu Aiki Juujutsu (the Okazaki branch). Having viewed the technique of his uchideshi, the art seems very strong, yet I was wondering if anyone who could verify his claims. Please, any assitance in this manner would be most appreciated.

Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu.
ShizukanaSenshi yori

7th August 2000, 20:02

Given this thread appears in the Koryu Bujutsu section, as far as I know there is no such koryu as Shin Tenjin Shinyo ryu Aikijujutsu. The use of words "shin" (new) and "aikijujutsu" in the name will raise eyebrows for sure. It sounds like a made up gendai tradition using a name similar to an authentic koryu, Tenjin Shinyo ryu Jujutsu. Why the use of "aikijujutsu" is beyond me except that is one of the latest "in fad" martial arts words. In the opinion of those historically "in the know", using the name "aikijujutsu" implies an art descended in a direct way from The Daito ryu of Sokaku Takeda. Daito ryu is itself barely comsidered a koryu in the strictest sense. If this art is supposeably linked to Daito ryu then ask to see a verifable lineage chart. It would be interesting.

Inventing a gendai martial art without a historical tie to Daito ryu and using "aikijujutsu"in the name is pretty silly. But hey, there's nothing stopping anyone from starting their own style of western boxing and calling it Obiwan Kenobi's ryu of AikiBoxingJutsu. People do it all the time no matter how inaccurate or goofy.

Regardless, unless there is a strong technical and historical link to koryu, it should probably be listed in the gendai section.

Not trying to be snobby, just accurate & eternally suspicious,

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7th August 2000, 20:32
Thank you for your reply. Allow me to further elaborate.

Mr. Parulski claims that te art is an offshoot of Tenjin Shin'you Ryuu, formed by one of the highest ranking of the students of the Ryuu many years prior to his death. I guess that therefore, by Parulski's own admission, it is not a koryuu in the stricktest sense. However, I would like to know if the art is what it claims to be.

I would be happy to provide whatever additional information I can in an effort to unravel this mystery.

Yorosiku onegai itasimasu.

ShizukanaSenshi yori

Brently Keen
8th August 2000, 00:47
If this so-called Tenshin Shin'yo-ryu Aikijujutsu is a legitimate offshoot of the authentic Tenshin Shin'yo-ryu Jujutsu tradition, then where did it get its "aiki" from?

If not directly traceable to Sokaku Takeda through Daito-ryu like Toby said, then it seems quite silly to call it "aikijujutsu".

As for the individual in question, I've never met him and so I can't speak for his martial ability. I have seen some magazine articles and I can say that the techniques depicted don't look anything like authentic "aikijujutsu" at all.

It should not be too hard to verify whether the founder of this "offshoot" was "one of the highest ranking students of the ryu". There is no one headmaster today but there are several branches of Tenshin Shin'yo-ryu still practicing. Toshishiro Kubota head of the Tenyokai is a menkyo Kaiden holder (since 1973) and teaches both Tenshin Shin'yo-ryu Jujutsu and Kodokan Judo. He has also been a member of the board of Directors for the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai and the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai.

There is an excellent article about Tenshin Shin'yo-ryu by Meik Skoss in the book, "Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan". Incidentally, the article doesn't make any mention of aiki, only jujutsu.

Brently Keen

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Neil Yamamoto
8th August 2000, 04:21
Bernie Lau exchanged a bit of correspondance with Mr Parulaski in the early to mid 1980's. Here is what Mr Parulski claims is his background, at least at the time when recieved.

George R. Parulski Jr Started in his martial arts training in 1963 under Frank J. Lane who was a retired special services officer. Mr Parulski would have been nine years old. According to what Mr Parulski claims, Lane was one of the first americans to receive a menkyo kaiden in a bugei system. Nowhere does he mention in what art or who Lane studied with or where.

Parulski then studied with KA Okazaki in New York as an uchideshi, the 18th generation headmaster of the Tenshin Shinyo ryu aikijutstu system. Okazaki has since returned to Japan and directs the Dai Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei kai.

According to what Mr Parulski sent to Bernie Lau, the aiki comes into play when Matayaemon Iso, the founder of Tenshin Shinyo ryu, started study of Daito Ryu under Joyemon Homma when Iso's sensei, Oribe Hitotsuyanagi died.

This was news to me when I first saw it, nor have I been able to find corroboration anywhere.

Now, there have been other threads on the DNSBK and Mr Parulski's connection to the Juko Kai. I'll leave those to other people to debate.

As far as I can gather, since there is no verification of any of the claims made, this is a modern creation that should be stamped "Made in America" Remember to look for the union label. :laugh:

8th August 2000, 10:33
If Parulski is part of the Dai Nippon Seibukan budo/bugei kai, He is the only member. The organization, and there are serious doubts it ever did exist, is dead. Parulski at best is judoka, and at worst, well, I won't get in to that. Rod Sacharnoski claims his connections with the Japanese office was through G. Parulski, but now says that all members were old men, have died, and so has the organization. Bill Durbin says the same thing.

Personally, I wouldn't buy used aiki from this man. As of late, he is selling CDs containing the "dead" kata of judo. "The thing speaks for itself."

8th August 2000, 15:05

Oh god! Now I recognize the name. I took a while. This whole thing is bogus with a capital B

Har Har Har!!!

I've even got a file on these guys. It's all part of the same big scam started back in the 60's with Seidokan karate,( with the infamous "whore house karate" kanji) Dai Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei kai, Dai Yoshin ryu, and the Juko Kai. You want a real gut buster go to the karate section and check out the associated Gerald Durrant debate over there.

It'll blow your mind. It's easy to imagine a sort of "Beverly Hillbillies Martial Arts Special" while reading the Gerald Durant (Jethro) life story over there.

P.S. I got this take off of a Visa credit card ad from a copy writer at an ad agency. I almost died laughing!

Getting your 1st degree black belt in two months. $200

Getting your 5th degree back belt in two years. $500

Getting you 10th degree black belt in four years $1000

Realizing that your "registered in Japan" 10th dan certificate actually says "Whorehouse Style Karate".



God, I crack myself up!


8th August 2000, 21:41
I really don't know much about G. Parulski. We've corresponded over the past few years, but I've never actually met him. I first became aware of him through our mutual involvement in the United States Judo Association. I know he did some videos for the USJA which were offered as a giveaway in one of their fund-raising efforts, but I don't recall ever viewing one.

I have heard recently that he deeply regrets his past involvement with Juko Kai and Rod Sacharnoski. Apparently, he felt that his involvement with Rod caused serious damage to his credability. I can understand this from what I've learned about Juko Kai's operations.

I don't know about his other MA ranks, but his judo 6th dan is apparently legitimate. (For your information, Kent, this means that he didn't print the judo rank on his membership card afterwards and claim international recognition like Mr. Sacharnoski.)

Any other questions about Mr. Parulski should probably be presented to him for response. My organization doesn't purport to offer recognition or certify any credentials. Budo Kai is simply a networking group for those interested in traditional Japanese martial arts, and membership is open to anyone. It's sort of like this forum, and our fees are the same, too.

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9th August 2000, 09:34
The following website is sellingt Mr. Parulski's CDs and tapes: http://www.frontiernet.net/~kobushi

According to some of the advertisments, G. Parulski is still claiming to be president of Dai Nippon Seibukan budo/bugei kai. Since all or most of the people linked to this organization have stated it doesn't exist, why is Parulski claiming to be a member?


The above link goes to a page in which Parulski is selling some products, and still says he is of Seibukan. Since some of these products show him to be participating, and one indeed says Shin Tenshin Shin'you Ryuu Aiki Juujutsu (the Okazaki branch). There are may products for sale here and one claims to have the entire judo Go no kata on tape/CD.

In my opinion, It would be wise to step lightly around Mr. Parulski. If he still claims membership in a dead organization, what can be said of his merchandise?

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9th August 2000, 19:21
Don’t know much about much, but I have seen Parulski’s book Sword of the Samurai. It has an introduction from “Soke (grand master) Kanyemon Aikira Okazaki, Shihan (master) of Tenshin Shin’yo-ryu, Hanshi (sword master) of ken-jutsu/iai-jutsu” that includes no picture and has a lot of English idioms, is bad English not bad Japanese English or bad translated Japanese and has unlikely quotes form D.T.Suzuki. Examples:
“Tenshin Shi’yo-ryu is my way of life, yet because of its vast depth there are many facets to this system. The art itself has three main divisions (with many subdivisions): the hard style (go-waza), which resembles judo/karate movements; the soft style (ju-waza), which resembles aikido techniques; and weapons arts using some eighteen different weapons, the main weapon being, however, the sword.”

“Beyond the flash of the sword and the sting of its movements exists a world unlike any other, aworld based on inner calm and serenity. In Japan, it is those qualities that fill dojos and training halls at Zen temples.”

“For the first time, I saw a book [this very book it seems -DW] in English that sheds light on the realities of true ken-jutsu and iai-jutsu, not only as practiced in (TSR), but in all systems.”

I’ll just add that Mr. Parulski’s training partner in the photos holds and swings his sword like a baseball bat.

11th August 2000, 07:44
Well, Kent, those who dealt with the "home office" in Japan through Parulski said it was dead. No address was ever connected with this organization. I don't have to bring up names as most here know of whom I am speaking. No one, to date, has found any evidence that this organization exists, or existed at all. One said this in an "interview," the other said the same to one of his students and he was the interviewer. Really, the discussion of Seibukan is dead also, and should remain that way.

It seems a certain someone is still wearing the Seidokan patch on his dogi.:D

12th August 2000, 15:27
To amswer Kent's question, Rod Sacharnoski said it was dead. So did Bill Durbin. Rod says he communicated with the honbu in Japan, but no one has ever given an address to this organization. If Parulksi is indeed the president and sole member, then there can be no "organization."

For what it's worth, I invited George Parulski to either answer some simple questions and/or reply to quesions raised here.