View Full Version : Sword Foot Kick

the Khazar Kid
10th June 2002, 18:30
What is this kick? Is it a kind of side kick or crescent kick? I would like to know if this is a kick I am already practicing under another name, or a kick I am unfamiliar with which might be good to add to my arsenal!

Jesse Peters

10th June 2002, 19:27
The sword-edge of the foot is the outer-edge (along the 5th metatarsal or pinky toe side), like used in an outward crescent kick. Generally a sword foot kick is a side kick performed with the sword-edge as the striking surface.

I like using the heel a lot better.

11th June 2002, 06:55
yoko-geri or sokto-geri (i think it depends on which style you practice)

it's a side kick as described by mushin in the post above..
It's usually explained that using the side of the foot is the correct way to kick and if you can't get it done correctly you can use the heel of your foot.

Hank Irwin
23rd June 2002, 15:45
Imagine a side kick with a wheel kick ending. A lot of stress to the knee to deliver this kick. I have seen scalp taken off by way of the strike. Not to mention if your toes are conditioned they will cut the skin they hit.:D