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Jeff Reach
10th June 2002, 20:28
moichido - lit. one more time; please do again.

Can someome please help me with the break down. I think I have it right but would love some input.

Mo - To copy or imitate
Ichi - One
Do - Please



P Goldsbury
10th June 2002, 21:11
Can your computer software read kanji? If so,


も 'mo' has the meaning of 'and' or 'also', as in a list of items.
一 'ichi' is the character for the number one and is the reading used with 'do'
度 'do' means (among may other things) time or degree.

'Mo-ip-pon' (one more bottle); 'mo ichi-mai' (one more sheet of paper); mo -ik-kai (one more time).

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury,
Graduate School of Socoal Sciences,
Hiroshima University

Michael Bland
13th June 2002, 03:55
I know this was posted a looong time ago, but since it is not quite correct, I thought I would mention this:

The "mo" is actually not the particle "mo" for and/also.

It is "mou"(もう), which is a bit more complex. ABout the best translation would be "yet".

もう一度 is the correct writing in Japanese...


P Goldsbury
25th June 2002, 06:29
Oh my, I blew this one didn't I? I must have been at least half asleep when I wrote my earlier post.

As Michael Bland states, and dictionaries like Masuda's "New Japanese-English Dictionary (pp.1115; 1136) and Sanseido's "Daijirin" (pp.2388) confirm with many examples, and my students unanimously chorused in this morning's class, it is the adverb which means 'more' and the particle which means 'both...and...'

I teach philosophy here and not Japanese, which is probably just as well...

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury,
Graduate School of Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University