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Budoka 34
18th June 2002, 11:22
Started this just to continue on with some of the subjects comming up in David's "Rolling Rollling Rolling thread.

What make and style of Gi do you like?
My wife and I have owned Macho (you get one when you start at the school, not bad for the cost.), Kamikazi (nice comp gi's), Meijin (great gi for the cost.), and Kwon. I use my Kwon for randori, it's built like a tank.
I like the older style cut. Sleves come to mid forearm, and legs about three inches off the feet.


18th June 2002, 14:28
I have used the Macho and Kwon Gi also.

My favorite (because it has held up for 15 years and counting) Ronin.

Shitoryu Dude
18th June 2002, 14:48
I'll buy Century because you can buy the jacket and pants in different sizes for a better fit. They only last 6 - 9 months though, which is horrible.

My current favorite dogi is a Tokaido - expensive ($225), but worth it I think. The quality of the construction is fantastic.


Mike Williams
18th June 2002, 15:11
I use a lightweight Meijin karate gi - it was the cheapest option when I started training. Incredibly it has survived two and a half years of grappling with no more than one of the ties coming loose. It looks like it will keep going for a few more years yet.

I'll probably buy a nice new (more expensive) dogi when and if I test for Shodan, and I'll be buying a judogi soon (that I can keep free of federation/school patches) - so that I can start crosstraining in Judo or BJJ.

But otherwise, for the 20 or so quid I paid for it, that Meijin gi has done me proud.



Jussi Häkkinen
18th June 2002, 20:42
Shureido TK-10 heavyweight tournament cut dogi. One of those slightly bluish, okinawan made dogi. Quality is outstanding - I've used mine for about four years now and the dogi is just feeling better every day. Before that, I used to have heavyweight dogi from Kwon, Five-B and others - they usually did last less than one year. When buying Shureido, I was a bit concerned about the price/quality -ratio, but it has fulfilled my expectations superbly.

In the future, I think I'll stay with Shureido. However, Tokaido is an another possibility.

Ron Rompen
18th June 2002, 23:43
I wear a heavyweight Mikado which I purchased 3 yrs ago to replace my original lightweight (read tissue paper) student gi that was issued to me. I would never EVER go back to a lightweight again....I hate the feel of the cloth sticking to me from my own sweat.

I also have a mid/heavyweight Century gi which I use for Kobudo. Not quite as heave as the Mikado, but it was too good a deal to pass up (gods bless E-bay)

Ron Rompen
19th June 2002, 03:16
Originally posted by Kenzo
very inexpensive gi's here if you live in Canada :D


He says he will not be undersold :p

That is a VERY low price for a heavyweight (whether the instructor version, or the regular student version). Since I'm in the market soon for a new dogi, I think I'll be dropping in. Toronto is only an hour or so away, and the $$$ I save in gas will be covered by the difference in the cost of a gi (currently paying about $150 for a Mikado heavyweight).

See you there I hope.

19th June 2002, 20:05
Shureido. All other styles I've owned in the past I wreck. I had a Century that I mangled in just over 5 months. My oldest Shureido I have now is over 2 years, and still in decent shape.

Tokaidos aren't bad either, but I like Shureidos a little better, because its a little heavier fabric that hangs a little better.

Shureidos are well worth the price.

21st June 2002, 03:37
The Shureido is a nice gi but I bought one in Okinawa and my dad busted one of the ties with a Judo throw the first time I ever wore it! Bummer...

Kamikaze Europa is nice if altered. Tokaido is way too expensive and is good only if you want something from Japan. The quality is good though.

Dragon is pretty comfortable and seems to last but stay away from the cheaper ones.

On the traditional kumite circuit, they are wearing a longer arm cut since the handpads are white. They figure that the other guy can't judge distance as well if there is no wrist showing. I don't know... I think Kamikaze makes a light weight corderoy type gi for kumite that is indeed comfortable -- my brother has one and I tried it on for size.

I don't know, there is a wide variety out there now but the best seems to be made of brushed cotton with lots of reenforcement stitching.

Paul Adamson

Budoka 34
21st June 2002, 11:12

The Adidias cord Kumite Gis have caught on big time! While very comfy, I wouldn't recommend them for daily training.
:D Just say they tear easily.
I've seen the longer sleves and pants legs catch on here for the same reasons you stated. Last year I had the opportunity to train with one of the Italian national team coaches (can't remember his name, sorry), he was big on the longer length.