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18th June 2002, 15:23
I have trained in a variety of places. There has been year round barefoot outdoor, converted garage, Old Gym, Park, and an aerobic room.

Where have you trained?

Ron Rompen
19th June 2002, 03:12
it would be easier to list places that I -=HAVEN'T=- trained/practiced.

I didn't do it in the delivery room while my daughter was being born (well, ok, a little bit of Sanchin stance, but that doesn't really count) and I hardly ever do anything while driving in to work in the morning (does alertness and memory training count?)

Other than that, I have been known/observed to practice just about anywhere, at any time. It may not always be overt, or noticeable to a nonpractitioner, but it is there none the less.

Steven Malanosk
19th June 2002, 04:30
As my teacher always told us, " Low overhead is gold!"

I personally have trained in the following:

Old loft space in NYC's Chinatown and Soho.

Clandestine basement dojo's.

Inner City 3rd Floor tenement walk ups.

Not to mention Moy Yats no elevator, "I beleive 13th floor?" Kwoon in Chinatown.

I have had my own dojo in :


The rear loft of an otherwise embroidery related building.

Weight lifting Gym.

Battalion HQ. building of 2nd Force Recon, at Camp Lejeune.

And currently one main Dojo in a converted barn on my ranch, and another at a recreation center in the next town over.

19th June 2002, 04:50
In addition to the aforementioned places, I often find myself in situations with time on my hands, so I will simply seek the nearest place that is mostly or largely hidden from view.

I once trained on a railroad track in the dead of night, waiting for my son to get out of a rock concert ... in an obscure hall of a public school, while everyone else was downstairs in a band competition ... behind the bushes at the auto repair shop ... on a sand bar in the ocean as the rising tide engulfed my legs ... in an odd corner of a golf course ... even at a pacifist hippie protest campout, while everyone else was eating the worst oatmeal you can imagine around the campfire (after all, the first place I ever witnessed Tai Chi Chuan was at Woodstock -- watching a bunch of stoned out kids doing tai chi was not exactly inspiring, but I still was hooked).

What other odd places have folks chosen for training?

Gene Gabel
19th June 2002, 07:44
Originally posted by Laotse
In What other odd places have folks chosen for training?

Add an interstate rest stop and in a swimming pool

Gene GAbel

19th June 2002, 13:51
In the middle of a basketball court...

I was a counselor at my school's basketball camp, and everyone left for lunch one day when I brought my own, and managed to fit a little practice in:D

20th June 2002, 00:49
Originally posted by Gene Gabel


Add an interstate rest stop and in a swimming pool

BT,DT. Many times at rest stops .. recently, passing through a small town on a state highway. The rest stop was just a local picnic place, at the end of a deserted road. Lots of privacy. For some reason I enjoy training at dusk, watching it get darker. Swimming pools are excellent for stretching.

20th June 2002, 00:51
Originally posted by mushinmaster
In the middle of a basketball court...

Yep yep yep. I used to use the aerobics room at my local gym, especially in the summer when outdoors is unbearable and I needed to keep my weapons training sharp. Then they locked the doors except for class times, due to "insurance" reasons. I cancelled my membership.

26th June 2002, 07:59
Ditto to whats been said. I usually train wherever I find myself. The weirdest (and first, actually) was the church though. Not like a Sunday school dealie, but the basement of a church. On SATURDAY. IN THE MORNING. We'd be downstairs practicing and you'd hear organs and junk. I bet they didn't like our kiai either. Tuesdays and Thursdays weren't bad, just those Saturdays...

28th June 2002, 22:19
It is very intresting how diverse of practice locations we have here. It is nice to know that others practice all over...

10th July 2002, 16:16
We practice in a church. Last night, we shared the building with about 100 kids who were there for a circus-themed Vacation Bible School program. Needless to say, it was almost surreal.:) While the kids were downstairs singing songs about loving one another, I was tapping out of an ankle crank. Good times... :)

10th July 2002, 17:20
Originally posted by jafwwjd
While the kids were downstairs singing songs about loving one another, I was tapping out of an ankle crank. Good times... :)

Oh hell yea. Good times... wow that takes me back. I used to love the grappling sessions while people upstairs were singing "Halleluia!" (sp.?)