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23rd June 2002, 16:31
Hi all..
During my recent trip to Japan I discovered the wonderful flavours of Ramen, specifically the sort you get in Yokohama (but ramen in general too!)..
Being back in the UK now I'm missing it a lot :cry:, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend anywhere in the UK that serves really good ramen? I've eaten some ramen over here, but it wasn't 'real' ramen - the noodles and stock both were not really up to scratch...
I know some of my Japanese friends over here are missing this wonderful food too!
In hope(!),

p.s. If anyone knows of any good shops for sake in the north of England (Or anywhere in the UK that has a catalogue and does mail-order!) I'd be very, very, grateful too! (I'm thinking along the lines of (Junmai)Ginjojo-shu quality, rather than the usual sort you can buy at a supermarket!)

Steve Williams
23rd June 2002, 22:35
Try this site http://www.menu2menu.com/oriental.html

There are a lot of restaurants/ suppliers there..... you may have to troll through a lot of rubbish to get the good stuff.... but it is there.

Hope that helps. :)

Steve Williams
23rd June 2002, 22:38
I sometimes go to a Japanese restaurant called the "Hare and Tortoise" which is in Ealing (West London), excellent and inexpensive Japanese food....

If you are in the area then check it out.....

(I see you are not local, but if you are ever down here......)

Steve Williams
23rd June 2002, 22:49
This may be more what you are looking for..... http://www.mountfuji.co.uk/

26th June 2002, 15:55
Hi all.
Steve. What a great site. I can get Takuan pickle at home now!!;) Thanks for the link...All that and REAL green tea..Can you ask for more?
As regards the original question here I have a recommendation for Sake; Try Oddbins shops and ask for 'Hakutsuru' sake. It will b around 10 but is probably the best I have tried from shops here in London. Tesco's is just lame when it comes to 'nice' wines..:p
Thanks for the link again Steve.

Steve C
5th July 2002, 12:33
Dave - have you tried the new japanese restaurant/bar in York? It's called 'Buzz' and it's on Swinegate.