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25th June 2002, 10:29
Seems like the use of magnets in joint braces and wraps used to be found only in catalogs offering rotary nose-hair clippers and 'miracle' vitamins. But I note now that orthopedic supports, etc. with magnets inside are found even in mainstream department stores right next to the ACE wrap. Is their any sort of clinical evidence supporting the claim that magnets help speed healing of injuries? Or is this simply New Age nonsense?

26th June 2002, 04:00
Unfortunately, I am not a doctor and I have no answer...sorry; but I do have an observation. My father in law is a licensed accupuncturist in Korea and I have heard him discuss the use of magnet wraps and the like with some of his patients. Apparently they have been in use (in that part of Asia anyway) for a while. I have even seen in some department stores in and around Seoul that have special mattress pads for your bed that have magnets inside of them. Any doctors out there with some knowledge on this one???

26th June 2002, 14:23
Hello, from personal experience, I know that they work fro some things. My good friend tore a muscle really bad in his left leg playing basketball. His mother suggested that he use her magnet inserts from her shoes in the leg wrap. After a day his leg became very discolored and pretty gross to look at from bruising. The only thing was, wherever the magnet insert was on his leg, there was a shoe shaped "clear zone" in the bruise, it was pretty funny! Just thought I would share that one with you. Jon Gillespie

Ginzu Girl
28th June 2002, 00:22
Originally posted by Soulend
Is their any sort of clinical evidence supporting the claim that magnets help speed healing of injuries? Or is this simply New Age nonsense?

I'm not sure about any specific studies but I believe magnet therapy is quite popular with certain schools of Japanese acupuncture. And apparently in other parts of Asia too.

I'm sure Kent would know--where is he when you need him? ;)

Anyway, I doubt just any old refrigerator decoration will work. Most of the therapies I've read about have specific requirements for gauss (strength of magnetic field) and polarity (typically "north" vs. "south"). The therapeutic magnets used in Japanese meridian therapy have a pretty high gauss rating. There are also specific instructions for location and sequence of application. It all depends on what you're trying to treat. I also believe that magnetic meridian therapy is used to treat more than musculoskeletal ailments.

I've had a couple of professional treatments using magnet therapy, but didn't notice any earth-shattering results. It might be due to my own personal bias--I prefer needles, without electricity, thank you. As with all things, I believe you get what you pay for. You may in fact get some good results, as Jon noted. But when I'm looking for a meaningful comparison, I try to find someone who seems to know what they're doing and pay them to educate me.

I too have noticed the sudden proliferation of magnets in everything from jewelry to toilet bowl cleaners to hair brushes. This is just my opinion, but I believe that most of this stuff falls into the category of "fashionable garbage." I have to suppress a snarl everytime I read about some New Age guru trying to validate his/her latest MLM scheme by linking it to some "ancient chinese secret." Grrrrr. . .

Oops, snapped there a bit. Sorry! Anyway, I think it's important to differentiate between therapeutic magnets and the Walmart variety. You know, it's like buying a Canon EOS versus a throwaway instamatic. They'll both take pictures--but you're a lot more likely to get satisfactory results with one over another.

Hope someone else will post a scientific study. I would imagine there must be something happening in Asia.

28th June 2002, 14:52
Thanks for the replies so far! I have a nagging ankle injury and bought a brace that has magnets inside. I didn't buy it so much for the magnets, but because it was really nicely made. Ankle hasn't hurt since, but whether this is because of the magnets or just because it's a good brace I don't know.